The Ultimate List of Whimsical Wedding Ideas

June 14, 2016 - by Preeti

Ribbons, elephants, colorful poofs, what's not to love? While most Indian weddings are full of jewel tones, ornate mandaps, and lavish floral arrangements, having a wedding with delicate ribbons, floating lanterns, and sparklers is just as gorgeous. And it's your wedding, you decide what you want to have.

Here's my list of favorite whimsical elements to have at your wedding.

Ribbons, ribbons, and more ribbons.

shutterstock_289207715 width=wedding ribbon wand width=wedding chair purple ribbons width=

Classic decorative elephant hanging garlands

decorative hanging elephants width=

Flower chandelier

floral chandelier width=

Vintage candy

vintage candy and cake pops width=

Car love

retro VW Beetle with pink bow width=


flowers hanging in light bulbs width=


shutterstock_268624802 width=

Floating balloons on wedding guest chairs

shutterstock_261344702 width=

Beach floral pompoms with garland strands

beach pompom flowers width=

The asymmetric chair with floral charm. Jose Villa Photography.

whimsical boho succulent decorated chair | Jose Villa Photography width=

Just Married chalkboard on a scooter

shutterstock_202619611 width=

Floral swing

shutterstock_260935961 width=

Garland station

shutterstock_284253704 width=

Paper star cutouts

shutterstock_280827986 width=

Paper pom pom backdrop

whimsical pompom wedding ceremony backdrop | Love Is A Big Deal width=

Bridesmaids + pinwheels

shutterstock_298937861 width=

Rainbow pinwheels and pom poms

shutterstock_290324978 width=

Converse shoes

shutterstock_295790897 width=

Marshmallows and macarons

shutterstock_287025722 width=

Lollipop station

whimsical lollipop display width=


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