Utah Modern Indian Wedding

December 14, 2016 - by Preeti

We're in the Rocky Mountains this week with weddings. And how I can never tire of the view!

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Adria and Sujeet had a traditional Hindu ceremony in front of the red cliffs of Snow Canyon at Entrada Golf Club, Utah. It is breaktaking as much as it is romantic.

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The couple met and live in Washington, DC, but created a “destination” wedding experience for their guests in Adria’s hometown of St. George.

Their favorite part of the reception was the sparkler entrance and first dance. Since their wedding took place the week after daylight savings ended, the sun set by 5:30 pm and they were able to light sparklers at the very end of cocktail hour.

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For Color and tone, they were drawn to darker, more “masculine” shades like slate grey and navy as well as dark woods.

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They added pops of metallic and greenery for crisp contrasts. This combined with the traditional Indian bright colors of cloths and ceremony made for the perfect result.

Grab your chai lovelies, you don't want to miss this mountain wedding.

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Photographer:  Gideon Photography//Equipment Rentals: All Out Tent & Event Rental, LLC//Floral Designer: Bloomers flowers & decor//Hair Stylist:Blow Beauty//DJ: DJZ Productions//Reception Venue: Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club//Apparel:Enzo Custom //Event Planner: Middle Aisle Weddings//Cinema and Video: NP Films//Cake Designer: Sweet Cakes by Karen

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