Bridgett & Jay's Vibrant Festive Hindu Wedding {Colorado}

September 12, 2016 - by Kate

There's always something so unique an exciting about the anticipation leading up to a wedding. Bridgett and Jay's gorgeous wedding truly captured that and more.

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The lovely duo kept things traditional with keeping to the mayian, lighting a jago and more.

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We talked to J. La Plante Photo about Bridgett and Jay's big day.

Bridgett & Jay had quite the weekend ahead of them when we arrived at Jay's parents' house Thursday night. This was actually the second event of the weekend, with two entire wedding ceremonies yet to come.

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Jay's female family members performed the traditional Hindu preparations, known as the mayian. With Jay seated in front of an ornate arrangement of dyed grains of rice, his aunt gave the traditional blessings while all his female relatives took turn rubbing a turmeric paste on his arms, legs, and face. Each relative also performed a blessing and gave a gift to the couple.

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After the sun went down, the women of the family took a "jago" lit with candles out into the cul-de-sac and danced beneath the full moon while singing traditional songs. Historically, this ceremony is used to proclaim the joyous occasion to the neighborhood and spread the celebration. Based on the heads that peeked out of the neighbors' doors wondering what was going on, I think they accomplished just that!

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We rounded out the night with Bridgett's mehndi ceremony, where she had a beautifully intricate design painted on her hand using henna. It's believed that the darker the bride's henna becomes, the more her mother-in-law will love her. The next day, we headed back to Jay's parents' house for his pre-wedding preparation. This was much more involved than the typical Western groom, who runs a comb through his hair and puts on a tie and boutonniere.

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At the same time, Bridgett was getting ready in her hotel room near the event center. Jay's family accompanied him to the event center, where he was met by Bridgett's family and garlands of flowers were exchanged. Everyone processed inside, where Bridgett was finally presented to Jay and the two were wed in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

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Congratulations Bridgett and Jay! What a gorgeous wedding!


Photography: J.La Plante Photo // Vendor: Pueblo Convention Center

















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