21 Hijab Brides Who Slayed It

2017 Feb 1 - by Preeti
Today is World Hijab Day and what better way to celebrate than to have 21 beautiful hijabi brides who are gorgeous!

And in the current political climate, I hope that if you have never seen a hijab bride, you look at them as people, as women, as brides. Not as oppressed women or terrorists with towels on their heads.

If you're looking for a happy place, this is it lovelies. We certainly need more unity and love right now, and what better way than to see it through a wedding.

First ever hijab journalist Noor Tagouri

Photo by Laila Shabster

Photo by Hassan Shahara Photograph

Photo by Popcorn Studios

Photo by Mona Munshi Photography

Photo by Sarah SlimaliPhotography

Photo by ikidunyabirhayat

Photo by Saliha S Photography

Photo by Mariam Tajjour

Dunia and Buraidah's elegant Muslim reception

Bride Sidra. Photographer: Seven Skies Studios

Photo by Laila Shabster

Photo by Sbingraphy.

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