9 Ways Carnations Will Make Your Wedding Dramatic

2017 Oct 1 - by Preeti
The poor carnation. It's an underrated, somewhat overused wedding flower. Head to India, and most weddings are full of them. They are versatile, come in a variety of colors, and are cheap.

But for many of us, that includes me, carnations remind us of our nanijis or the 1980s. They're cliche and just, not very exciting.

When used in jai mala garlands they take on a new level of dramatic. For the carnation is transformed from a bland flower into a magnificent bundle of beauty.

Bengali Buddhist Wedding by GH Photography

And that, is where the carnation's power lies: in a herd of its own kind. Lots of carnations together, and they are stunning. By themselves...errrr.

Carnations have been making a comeback the past couple years and 2017 and 2018 are nearly the year of the carnation. Hanging in chandeliers, tented garlands, pom poms, the carnation isn't some boring wedding flower, it's a force to be reckon with.

Considering that they are reasonably priced, you can go overboard with carnations without breaking the budget too!

Here's to the little, versatile carnation and nine ways it can transform your wedding.

Flower Elephant made with carnations and other flowers

Devou Park Outdoor Wedding

New Delhi Engagement Party

Photo: Kimberly Photography, Floral: Suhaag Garden

Ombre Tablescape Centerpieces - Carnation pom poms affixed together create an elaborate long centerpiece that will wow your wedding guests.

Photo: Stephanie Yonce Photography

Suspended Upside Down Carnations - For that matter any flower will work, but why not carnations?

Photo: Michelle Edemont

Pom Pom Vases - An alternative take on the pom pom tablescape, you can opt for carnation pom pom in vases. Don't forget an ombre shaded look adds extra glam.

Photo: Artvesta Studio

Who knew the carnation could be an amazing flower to your wedding?!