A Video Interview with The Big Fat Indian Wedding

2017 May 30 - by Preeti
Have you ever wondered what we do here at The Big Fat Indian Wedding? And what inspires us to share and talk weddings all day?!

Here's an interview with founder Preeti, talking about weddings, submissions, and our vendor guide.

Thank you to Red Book members Mario and Fran Productions for filming, TM's Makeup Artistry for makeup and The Meritage Hotel and Resort for lending their beautiful venue for the film.

“The 7 Steps” — An interview with The Big Fat Indian Wedding from Mario & Fran Productions

  1. We tell stories from different languages, cultures, religions in the South Asian community.
  2. You can have a wine country wedding and have a dry wedding!
  3. Think about a what you want in a wedding, and go from there. You don't have to have the standard hall wedding anymore; do what both you and your spouse love.
  4. Have a budget, then account for 50% more in spending - This will help cover your bases. Don't go in debt or take loans.
  5. Use the Red Book to find your vendors. We are expanding and growing the preferred vendor guide everyday to bring you the best vendors in California and across the world.
  6. Submit your wedding when it's all done. We are here to showcase weddings from all over and share your story.
  7. Just because we love Pinterest doesn't mean you should have a Pinterest wedding.

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