Boho Chic Outdoor Same Sex Wedding with Anais Events {California}

June 15, 2017 - by Preeti

Swati and Katherine brought the boho party out in their traditional Hindu wedding. Elephants, Moroccan lanterns, jam jars, and street dancing will make you want to join in on the festivities. Put together by BF Red Book member Anais Events, you're going to love all the details!

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Their wedding ceremony embraced a marriage of two women while incorporating traditional Indian/Hindu elements. Both women arrived as part of the 'baarat' and Katherine wore a western style white wedding dress with an Indian dupatta. They took turns leading each other around agnidev (fire) and exchanged jai malas.

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The wedding reception featured an adorable first dance, a massively awesome dessert table with macarons, mithai, and cupcakes and lots of dancing (of course!).

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Smiles abound, we are head over heels over Swati, a Sabyasachi bride, and her belle, Katherine.

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{Wedding Vendors}

Planning & Design: Anais Event Planning & Design // Photography: Sherman Chu Photography // Venue: Courtyard D’Oro // Priest: Shivam Bhatt // Photobooth: Momentous Photo Booth // Music and lighting: Wicked Entertainment // Caterer: Event Architects // Wedding Cake: Molly Johnston // Sweets: Grace Kim (macarons), Samosa Garden (mithai), Beth Descala (cupcakes) // Stationery: Shaadi Papery // Hair: Crystal and Robert // Swati’s dress: Sabyasachi // Swati’s shoes: Caparros // Swati’s jewelry: Vitha Jewelers of Artesia, CA // Katherine’s dress: Melissa Sweet // Katherine’s dupatta: Manshaa Artesia // Katherine’s shoes: Kalra Creations International // Katherine’s jewerly: Bijoux Boxes // Henna: Neeta Sharma

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