Peach & White Chic Muslim Wedding at Skyline Loft {Chicago, IL}

April 21, 2017 - by Preeti

Yousuf and Afia got married at the Bridgeport Art Center atop the Skyline Loft in Chicago. The venue is an inspiring place for artists, fashion designers, and creative professionals and also an amazing space for a wedding!

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The couple met through mutual friends at the University of Illinois at Chicago and they adore each other’s loving nature. They also love eating and cooking together...and superhero movies!

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Their wedding details were adorned with lush gold, emerald green, rustic orange, and ivory accents with ornate sequin elements. Did we mention that this venue is STUNNING?! The decor exuded elaborate ethnic revelry.

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{Wedding Vendors}

Photographer: Bokéh Studios // Venue: Bridgeport Art Center, Skyline Loft, Chicago // Bride’s Dress: SaraK, Pakistan // Groom’s Suit: The Tailored Foundation // Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Handmade by Afia // Invitations: Handmade by Afia // DJ/Band: Main Production // Make-Up/Hair: Rabia // Caterer: Paramount Production & Lazzat Restaurant // Decorator: Divine Design & Events // Florist: Maha Divine Designs

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