Festive Fall Wedding Inspiration You Haven't Seen Before

2017 Oct 6 - by Preeti
Beautiful fall. The smell of firewood, the sea of colors from trees, the autumn bounty of new fruits and vegetables, fall is an underrated season.

There is so much more to fall than school starting or carving pumpkins. Autumn says hello and goodbye to the golden rays of the sun and we watch the flowers and plants prepare safely for winter's chill.

Fall weddings can be absolutely stunning. Taking advantage of the golds, reds, oranges, and remaining greens, a fall wedding can be elegant and divine. If you are getting married in the fall and want to incorporate autumn elements, there is a lot you can do besides use the classic orange pumpkin (whom though, we should not discard as a timeless piece of decor).

Fall fruits and vegetables:





Winter squashes

Indian corn

Pumpkins - available in colors from white to yellow to speckled and striped. All sizes too.


Decor elements:

Logs of any size or width


Straw hay - be careful when decorating with hay. Too much of it and you risk the wedding decor turning into a rustic barnyard

Berry plants


Small coniferous cones - not pine or winter cones though.


Thin woodsy branches

Candles - choose different sizes and shapes and a couple colors to create a romantic mood

Painted pumpkins - offer something completed different with polka dot pumpkins, glitter pumpkins, and henna pumpkins.


Reds - but not bright or super reds. Stick to muted red tones, especially burgundies.

Oranges - all hues are fall friendly.


Greens - muted green tones are the best.

Purples - naturally found in figs and leaves of several plants. Accenting with purple provides a beautiful contrast to orange and gold.

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