Orange & Red Central California Sikh Wedding

August 16, 2017 - by Preeti

Hello lovelies! Are we in a for a treat today! Today's Sikh wedding in Stockton, California features neutral reception decor with pastel roses; a bride in a purple lehenga suit and a nacho cheese bar. Yes, you read that right. And if you were craving chocolate fondue, they had that too at the wedding reception!

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Bride Sunny wore a red and oranage embroidered salwar with a matching floral bouquet. She also had custom bangles with hers and groom Ranjit's name on them. Definitely a treasure keepsake!

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The reception dinner featured a huge floral wall with designed by BF Red Book member Anais Events. It's a showstopper! Capturing the beautiful wedding events was JSK Photography, also a BF Red Book member.

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I won't gabber further because you need to grab that chai and check out all the gorgeous photos.

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{Wedding Credits}

Ceremony Venue: Sikh Temple of Lodi, California // Reception venue: White Lotus Banquet Hall // Planning & Design: Anais Events, a BF Red Book member // Flowers: Anais Events // Event stationery: Shaadi Papery // Photography: JSK Photography, a BF Red Book member // Dress: Wellgroomed Inc // Videography: Motion8 Film // Makeup & Hair: Preet, Eyebrow Threading by Preet // Music, entertainment: Wicked Entertainment

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