42 Bridal Lehengas Capturing the Essence of Style

2018 Apr 18 - by Preeti
Every bride dreams to wear a unique and beautiful wedding lehenga. When there was a time of the classic red lehenga, today you find Indian brides wearing every color of the rainbow.

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After investing an ample amount of time, money and ideas to research and design your picture-perfect lehenga, it is mandatory that your photographer its beauty. The bridal lehenga and trousseau are important parts of getting ready sessions for must have wedding photos.

So, just before you are about to wear your dream lehenga or before you step out of the bridal room, capture the best of the memories that would reminisce every moment of the demanding bridal lehenga hunt and the delight of owning one. The colorful frames that captures the intricate detail of the lehenga in all its glory.

Scroll down to see 42 different shades, designs, and styles that capture the essence of a perfect bridal lehenga. And check out our brides slaying it in white wedding dresses too.

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From hanging from around a tree branch or a vintage classic door, or even around a décor space, these bridal lehenga shots add beauty to the wedding album. You can also photograph the brides having fun with their dream lehengas.

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Peach & Teal Brahmin Punjabi Wedding {Amritsar}

Show off the exquisite craftsmanship of a bridal lehenga by placing it besides the water, hang it in the valley, or around a colorful wall.

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Tip toe in the gorgeous sexy legs adorns your perfect bridal outfit. Sexy legs are always appealing. And when decorated with henna and bridal lehenga, it takes it one notch up.

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Inside or outside, the bridal lehenga shots depend on the light and the ambience of the location. These two factors influence the process of capturing the real beauty of the bridal lehenga.

Sabyasachi Inspired Ritz Carlton Wedding {Jakarta, Indonesia}

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A bridal lehenga shot is not just about hanging the lehenga and just clicking the frames. It is the art of appreciating the beauty of the intricate art work and capture the elaborate details and adding emotions to the bridal outfit with or without the human element.