Pick the Best Photos for Your Save the Date Cards

2019 Jan 30 - by Preeti
Save the date cards are essential for letting friends and family know about your upcoming wedding. Even though Save the date cards were not part of the Indian family's wedding to-do list, it is an important step today. Families and friends are spread across the world across a multitude of cities, and while Facebook lets them know of your day-to-day happenings, there's nothing more personal, and special, than receiving beautiful card stock in the mail.

Aisle Society created a set of modern, playful Save the Date cards for Minted. These aren't your auntiji's version of wedding card.

For our modern desi mixed couple, Chicago was the perfect setting for them. The skyline, the water, the golden sun drenching the couple in perfect glory, the romance is divine.

Choosing the best photos for the save the date card can be tricky. This is your first official mail as a couple, and in a digital age, one of the few printed photos your friends and families will have of you+sweetheart. I have three tips to help you pick the best pics.

Say Yes to the Kiss - 10 years ago I would have admonished you for sending a photo, on any card stock, of you kissing your future beau (belle). Things are little different today and desi families in the diaspora are more modern, and well, accepting of the love marriage/dating/boyfriending/girlfriending than before. It's okay to pick a good kissing photo, but you want to keep it in the PG category.

The multi-photo layout above is perfect because while the kissing photo is center, there's an eye shift to the other elements on the card.

Of course, this isn't the card to send your conservative family members, and it's what makes Minted great: you choose how many Save the Date cards you want! Have that Urmila auntie you don't quite know how her reaction will be? Pick a different set and order a smaller quantity.

Have a mix of horizontal and vertical images - Okay, this sounds strange, but make sure you get a good mix of horizontal and vertical images from your photographer. Why? Because when it comes time to choose the layout of your Save the Date, there are many options, and you don't want to have an option eliminated because you didn't have any horizontal or vertical images.

Keep in mind that couple shots, close ups and snuggle photos tend to be portrait (vertical) style. Photos that have expansive background or a focus to the background will be landscape (horizontal) style.

Just have to add, aren't these the most adorable stamps ever?!

Full Length Couple Shots Are Always a Win - You're probably thinking, 'everybody has this shot!' Yes, okay whatever, the question do YOU have this photo? Do you have a full length photograph of both you and sweetheart looking lovely?

Because that's a money shot. And it will be a winner with every auntie and naniji around. (You know they'll be drinking tea and admiring this pic).

Now that you know you need to send a Save the Date invite out, check out Minted's Wedding collection. Order one card for everyone or a few different styles, you choose. Customize everything and have fun.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Minted. The opinions are always our own.

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Stationery: Minted | Production and Styling: Storyboard Wedding and Lakeshore in Love for Aisle Society | Photography: Rockland Rue

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Production and Styling: Lakeshore in Love for Aisle Society | Photography: Photography by Lauryn | Florals and Styling: FlowersFlowers