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Purple & Olive Hues {Color Palette Monday}

Eggplant purples and olive greens create a stunning marriage of colors. These natural colors are suited for wedding reception decor. Get enveloped in these luscious colors.

Black Tie Luxury {Color Palette Monday}

Black and white are classic colors that are often overlooked as a choice for a wedding theme. Not anymore, let these luxurious licorice blacks and sweet grays take wedding decoration, and your gown, to the next level.

Sage & Gray {Color Palette Monday}

What do you do when you love those olive and sage greens; muted colors that are understated yet elegant. I love this sage and gray inspired wedding color palette. Perfection for a reception setting or lehenga, these colors are perfect for a rustic wedding.

Sunrise Pepper {Color Palette Monday}

Classic colors of red, orange, and yellow blend together to create bright wedding colors. Adding a dash of green makes this palette more subtle and refined.

Vintage Chic Color Palette Monday

Summer maybe coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we can't feel the refreshing colors of the season. Toning down the brightness makes these colors more versatile for fall or spring season weddings. Oh lovely summer!

Succulent Inspiration Palette

Looking for a color palette that's pastel and dusky but not of full of traditional pinks and yellows? This succulent inspired color theme is full of dusky greens with a touch of mauve and lilac. Perfect for a fall or spring wedding.

Pantone Color of the Year 2016 {Color Palette Monday}

When Pantone first announced it's Color of the Year for 2016, I was disappointed. More like, ugh. Baby pink and baby blue really? I know you call them fancy names, Rose Quartz and Serenity, but seriously? But now, they've grown on me and I'm starting to fall in love with them. Like really...

Pastel South Asian Wedding Inspiration {Color Palette Monday}

This week's Color Palette Monday is a special guest post from fellow blogger Chelsea LaVere over at Tidewater and Tulle. She's created a pastel inspired wedding color board to share in the sweet spring colors and South Asian traditions. Let's hear what she has to say! With a blend of cultural...

Marsala | Pantone Color of the Year 2015

It's that time of the year! When Pantone introduces its color of the year. Previously, we have seen a lush, righ emerald green, vibrant and happy radiant orchid, and now... drumroll please...! Marsala No, no, not the dish, but like the wine. Marsala is deep, rich, creamy and all...

Desert of Rajasthan {Color Palette Monday}

A fall inspired color palette this week! Let rustic tones of reds, yellows, blues, and greens sweep you to an enchanting forest, or out to the fields. This may not be your traditional bright and pop colored wedding palette, but it is regal and timeless.

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