Flower Glossary: Lilies

Name: Lilies Latin Name: Lilium of plant family Liliaceae Season: Mid to Late Summer Meaning: Motherhood Origins: Lilies come in many varieties and hybrids, with Asiatic and Oriental lilies being the most popular breeds. Because of this, the flowers can range in color, size...

The Essential Guide to Indian Breads

A guide to the essential Indian flatbreads found as accompaniments to subzi.

The Mangalsutra: A Symbol of Marriage

A brief history of the mangalsutra and how the necklace came to symbolize the status of a newly married Indian woman.

The Big Fat Glossary of Indian Mithai: Ladoo

Ladoo is a ball-shaped sweet you can find at any Indian festivity - from Diwali to Holi. The versatile mithai is made of any type of flour and ghee. Its fun shape and delicious taste makes the laddoo a South Asian favorite. Photo courtesy of Culture Ladoos are popular...

The Big Fat Glossary of Indian Mithai: Halwa

Halwa can be found in South Asia and also throughout the Middle East. It is a dense, flour or nut based confectionary that is slightly liquid in its consistency. Popular forms of halwa include badam (almond) halwa and gajar (carrot) halwa, but the sweet can be made with just about any nut or...

The Big Fat Glossary of Indian Mithai: Burfi

Burfis are the most common Indian sweet out there, ranging from the popular kaju katlis to the flavorful and seasonal coconut and gajar (carrot) burfis. Burfis are known for their sweet, creamy taste and soft texture. They are often served with nuts or fruit on top for decoration. Photo...

The Big Fat Glossary of Indian Mithai: Kulfi

Kulfi is a frozen dairy dessert that is enjoyed in South Asia. While it is similar to ice cream, it is denser and creamier than ice cream because the dish calls for cream and different spices. Kulfi is served as an ice-cream scoop or more commonly, cut into pieces and arranged in a tall...

The Big Fat Glossary of Indian Mithai & Sweets

South Asian confectionaries, known as <i>mithai</i> ("sweet"), are as crucial to the Indian diet as are dal and rice! From burfis to ladoos, many of these sweets are made with milk and sugar, and then fried, baked, or simmered to perfection! Served at weddings, dinners, and any type of get-together, <em>mithai </em>is a traditional and excellent way to show loved ones just how much they are cared for.

Banarasi Silk - Varanasi's Brilliant Brocade

With their heavy zari work, thick gauge silk, and beautiful embroidery, Banarasi silk saris are a paradigm of opulence among Indian saris. There are strong cottage industries for these saris in Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Azamgarh.  There are 1.2. million workers in total who produce these saris.

Bandhani Silk - Traditional Tie-Dye

Fine bandhani silk comes from Western India, primarily Rajasthan and Gujurat, and is popular all over the subcontinent.  These saris are traditionally worn to weddings and festive events, like garba.

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