Nilofer Shahid's Warrior Bride Collection {Pakistani Bridal Fashion 2017}

2017 Feb 7 - by Preeti
At Fashion Parade Bride in London, UK, we saw Pakistan's leading designers. From Nomi Ansari to Saira Rizwan, the bridal collections were glamorous and gorgeous.

Nilofer Shahid brought out the warrior woman in his latest wedding collection. With helmet crowns and capes, the look was tribal, yet modern.

And kudos for having the only groom's look from the fashion show! Grab your chai and see the whole night's bridal collection with: Nomi Ansari, Faiza Samee, Seher Tareen, Saira Rizwan, Maria B, Rani Emaan Jewellery, Sherezad Jewellery, Tena Durrani, and Shameel Ansari.