Abhinav Mishra's Festive Bridal 2019 Collection

2019 Jan 27 - by Preeti
Abhinav Mishra's 2018-2019 bridal collections covers the gamut from the mehendi party to the reception. Recounting his childhood stories, Mishra's 'Untold Story' is exactly that - untold stories coming to life in the textiles he creates.

He shares his stories for each of the sub-collections from the line, so I'll won't speak any further.

MOR BAGH - Twirling colorful lehengas, the clinking of colorful glass bangles and loud claps on the sides of women surrounded around my best friend for her mehendi. Loud chatter and laughter echoing through long corridors and girls running through with thaals of mehendi cones, gota dupattas and platters of moti choor laddoo.

I remember watching the women playing ‘titli’ in the courtyard and dancing to old punjabi folk. The women were dressed in beautiful bright pastel lehengas and shararas with understated yet beautiful salma sitara dupattas which was a defining inspiration for ‘Mor Bagh’, an untold story.

SHEESH MAHAL - As a child I was always curious and awe struck by my mother’s trunk full of vintage embroideries on her lehengas, saris and dupattas. I would constantly admire her when she pulled out her wedding pieces to wear for a family wedding. Her wedding lehenga was always special. It was exquisite.

Neatly wrapped in muslin in her almirah, it was something she treasured so closely that even years later she would blush softly when she showed it to my sister. An unconventional wine lehenga with a beautiful Mughal jaal in sheesha and zari. The intricacy of the embroidery always cought my attention.

The memories of her as a bride stayed with me and years later when I travelled to Rajasthan, the reflections and patterns of sheesh mahal took me back in time.

Using age old sheesha embroidery in modern silhouettes defines Sheesh Mahal. Peplum tops, jackets and lehengas in deeper tones of wine and black with sheesha detailing and zari embroidery define the new collection.

The Sheesh Mahal is not just another set of garments but is something that is inspired by my mother’s legacy, an untold story.

Nahargarh - A beautifully lit haveli caught my eye. I walked towards the courtyard only to realize a wedding was taking place in this small village where I had gone to meet my craftsmen.

Seeing an unknown guest the father of the bride welcomed me with open arms like I was one of their own. Their warmth was deeply infectious.

The wedding was a typical Rajput ceremony - men in beautifully tied safas and girls in vibrant hues of red and rani stood out against the old jaisalmeri stone arches. The bride was in a strong sindoori red lehenga with minimal jewelry and strong kohl eyes.

She was striking. Fixing her nath, she walked out of her angan holding her fathers hand to start a new life of love, trust and friendship.

The Nahargarh Wedding is dedicated to this simple bond of trust, my untold story.

FALAKNAMAA - Sitting in the verandah of an old vintage cafe sipping on adrak chai and listening to the tales of the summer palace, I came across old archives full of pictures of the royal family.

Women were draped in flowing velvets and men dressed in royal sherwanis adorned with jewels in multicolored stones.

Beautiful rani haars layered the garments while hair accessories were detailed in meenakari and precious stones.

The jewel colors were royal and created a composition of regal elegance. Falaknamaa is dedicated to the royal era of our country where beauty was defined by minimalism.

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