5 Reasons We Reject Wedding Submissions

We have a low rejection rate, around 5% because we do our best to accept weddings and love the weddings we received. However sometimes we have to reject a wedding. It rarely happens because if you follow The Big Fat Indian Wedding, you'll see that we cover a wide range in styles, religions, gender, location, and budget. We are here to *build* the South Asian community, not fracture it into differences.

We have guidelines on how to best submit a wedding as a wedding professional. Please do read it!

Before going into our top 5 reasons for rejecting a wedding, please remember, that sometimes we didn't receive your submission or we just haven't gotten to it yet. That's on us (and life has, on many occasions, gotten in the way).

1. You don't read any of the guidelines - E.g. Your submission doesn't include details about the wedding (is it Hindu? Gujarati?), location, vendor credits, or style. We already know this was the "greatest wedding ever", so please refrain from euphemisms and tell us *the story*/

2. You don't respond to emails when we email you - (this happens!) - We email you with questions, you don't respond, we email again. This goes for a while until 1. we publish (and then you get pissed off), 2. we pull the wedding and no longer feature.

3. The photography isn't up to standards - This is the HARDEST thing for us to do. We HATE having to reject a wedding because the quality of photos was not up to par (Preeti is a photographer too). We try to find the 10-15 best photos of the set and at least run with the feature, but sometimes... It breaks our heart to reject one. This is the email we dread to send out, and frankly have yet to figure out a way to break it nicely...

4. You are being uncool - Yes, we know we are not Style Me Pretty. And we are clearly aware that for you, it's the end of the world to not be featured there, so you submitted to us. Then you finally get the acceptance for a "popular" wedding blog (whatever that means) and you pull from us. We understand that you want to be featured in the most popular place possible. But next time, we will be more cautious when going over your submission.

5. You abuse the privilege of submissions - We are a small business too. We are able to grow our audience and team through advertising, partnerships, and affiliate sales. When you decide to send us a lot of weddings but don't want to help support us, this stops becoming a partnership.

To create a balance between our submissions, we now allow 2 submissions per photographer/planner per year if they're not a Red Book vendor. Our advertisers help us in every way possible, so we're here to help them too. Don't be the one that takes advantage and think we built the 300,000+ followers on social media and the 400,000 pageviews/month for free.

I hope this gives you a glimpse into the working of a wedding blog. We'd love to hear your thoughts (especially on point #4), so email us at preeti@thebigfatindianwedding.