We are always on the lookout for fantastic small businesses and brands looking to reach a wide audience of South Asian brides-to-be.

At The Big Fat Indian Wedding, we offer bespoke ad plans as well as out of the box options. You can now easily and directly join the Red Book family by filling out the form below!

Currently, we offer:

BF Red Book Membership - For continued exposure to our bridal audience, and a dedicated landing page with your company information, get this feature rich option. Join as an annual member for $300 or lifetime member at $900.

Banner Ads - Looking for a way to reach brides on a continual basis? Know how to make eye catching banners that people love to click? Then a banner ad is right for you!

Mobile Ads - We now offer select mobile pop-up ads (300x50) for our mobile readers.

Product reviews - We're more than happy to review, or taste, products for you. Do you make cookies and want to get the word out about your delicious goodies? Send us a sample box for tasting, and we'll taste, review, and photograph your creations. Or maybe you make flower bouquets or saris? We can still oogle, review, and try them on! Please note, that we are not able to ship back products unless you have provided us with a self address stamped envelope. Also, products mailed to us are not guaranteed to be reviewed.

Bespoke options - Please contact us with your ideas and we'll send you a package.

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