51 Inspirational Red Pakistani Bridal Outfits by {Irfan Ahson Photography}

September 4, 2013 - by Preeti

We have a photo overload for you! Thanks to the insanely talented and fabulous Irfan bhai, a photographer in Pakistan, we are able to share his amazing bridal photography.

To ensure you brides are inspired, we are organizing the Pakistani bridal outfits by color. Be sure to check out our article on pink shararas, Pakistani bridal jewelry, blues/greens and whites/creams. You will absolutely drool.

Below are more than 50, yes 50, photos of brides in reds and burgundy hues. You can probably recognize many wearing Umar Sayeed, Allechant, Sana Safinez, and a lot more. Unfortunately, I cannot identify every piece by designer, but if you happen to know, feel free to comment below.

I am so amazed by the details in each outfit. All the embroidery and workmanship is stellar. These brides are just heavenly.

PS - We have updated the red outfit collection with even more dresses! (September 25th, 2014)

And now, get your five cups of chai out and a tissue, because you will fall in love with these outfits and the beautiful brides. Mashallah!

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Irfan Ahson travels for wedding photography. As you can tell, he is amazing. Please email (kairosphoto@live.com) or contact him on his facebook page if you are interested in his services.

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