The Essential Guide to Maharashtrian Weddings: Post-Wedding Traditions

2013 Nov 10 - by dulhan
Since Maharashtrian weddings start early in the morning, the post-wedding traditions still occur relatively earlier in the day. They consist of a big lunch or reception and another religious puja.

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The bride bids farewell to her family, as she is officially considered part of her husband's family now. This ritual is usually done immediately after the wedding ceremony ends.

The Reception

The reception can include a lunch immediately following the ceremony or a dinner in the evenings. The venue can be at the temple itself, if the reception is right after the religious ceremony.  Usually, a large lunch is held after the marriage rituals anyway since everybody would be looking forward to delicious food and drink after a long day!

The bride's family plans the menu and catering for the reception. It is common for the bride and groom to personally serve their guests sweets. The couple eats only after they have made their way around to all of the guests to thank them for their blessings.


This ritual is conducted once the bride enters her new home with her husband. The mother of the groom welcomes the newlywedded couple by washing their feet with milk before they enter the house. Then, the bride lightly tips over a vessel filled with rice with her right foot. This symbolizes the entrance of the gods into her new home.

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A puja is held afterwards to pray for the happiness and longevity of the couple.