Before I do's, I plan(ned)! What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Wedding Planning

2014 Mar 25 - by dulhan
As a mini-Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway remind us, wedding planning begins long before getting that sought-after bling on our fingers. From childhood, we dream of that perfect wedding dress, the most delicious wedding cake, and of course that amazing significant other at the end of the aisle. The problem is that when it comes to wedding planning- it’s not all about roses and peonies. It’s about the vendors we have to hire, the caterers we have to call, and the guests we have to invite. But, fret not ladies, wedding planning may seem like a daunting task, but I’m going to let you in on a few insider secrets! Yay!

Image courtesy of Bride Wars, 2009

Being a recent bride and lifetime bride wannabe, I wanted to provide some insight to the lovelies planning their dream weddings. Brides-to-be, grab your pens, here’s the first secret!

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1. Brides = Coordinators. Even with the help of a wedding planner or wedding-savvy significant other, brides are primarily responsible for coordinating all the little details for the wedding. Whether you want to pull a Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway and reserve The Plaza or if you only want to serve Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert, it’s up to you, my friends, to decide and plan. To help you get through this grueling process, here are some suggestions:

• Make a list of your top priorities. List your absolute musts and any extras.

• Write down vendor contact information next to each item.

• If you’re super proactive, create a rough budget for each of these necessities.

Ta-da, you’re making serious headway! Now here’s secret number 2.

2. It’s All in The Details! . We’re all told that our wedding days revolve around us, the blushing brides, but a happy crowd makes for a happy wedding. How exactly do we please these guests without emptying our bank accounts you ask? Organization! It sounds blah, I know, but I’m sure many of you have been to Indian weddings that have started three hours late with no indication of when you’re getting that delicious plate of biryani. That’s just pure evil. So, to make sure your guests are informed and your wedding day plans are relatively on schedule, here are some ideas:

• Make a tentative program.

• Helpful trick for fashionably late desi brides to be: leave out the actual times*!

*This sounds dubious, but printing the general order for the procession of events will let guests know what is lined up without them constantly checking their watches.

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My last and final tip for brides to be is aimed at pleasing the out-of-towners, crazy extended family included. To keep guests entertained and out of your hair here comes secret number 3!

3: Out-of-Town Guests are Special and Annoying. Many of your guests cross serious distances to be there for your big day. Show some love for their extra effort and expenses by welcoming them, keeping them informed and just making them feel special. Some helpful hints are listed below!

• Draw up a packet with fun things for out-of-towners to do in the city

• Provide directions to your venues

• List some local restaurants and bars

• Give a brief explanation on South Asian wedding customs

• Provide contact information for everyone except the bride.

• Surprise them with some comfort treats- you can’t go wrong with cookies.

I’ve included a template from my own wedding itinerary below to help get the party started!

Template: WeddingItineraryTemplate

Okay, phew, now you can go back to planning the beautiful décor, shopping for outfits, and testing out cake flavors. Save me a slice of that cake! Mmmm, cake. YayGif-TinaFey