{Makeup Mantra} Do's and Don'ts of Face Makeup

2014 Mar 1 - by dulhan
Face makeup is a basic know-how that every woman should master, since she'll wear it under every makeup look! Finding the perfect foundation/coverup/face powder combination can be tricky - especially for different skin tones, such as the tan range that South Asian women often have. These tips and tricks will help you perfect that everyday glow for a flawless, natural look.

DO start with moisturizer.

No matter whether you're going for a thin layer of BB cream or a thicker mask of foundation, you MUST start with an all-over moisturizer for your face. It's important to keep skin hydrated so the makeup doesn't flake off of a dry face! Try a moisturizer with sunscreen in it so you can protect your skin from UV rays, without it feeling too heavy.

DON'T confuse the different uses of different skincare products.

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It's easy to just roll on some cover-up and call it a done deal. However, each face makeup product has its own use for a reason. Choose between a powder or cream foundation, depending on how much coverage you want - cream foundation tends to hide more impurities.

If you want something simple and light without much coverage, go for a BB cream - which will give you a natural look. It's called a "Beauty Balm" for a reason - the product is a moisturizer, foundation, and coverup (and sometimes sunscreen*) all in one! Although different brands range in thickness of the cream, and some lighter creams won't be much help in covering up uneven skin.

* Photographers will warn you not to overdo the sunscreen, as SPF has minerals such as titanium dioxide that reflect light and can make you look ghostfaced under flash. Thanks to Tasnim for enlightening us with the details on our Facebook page!

DO find the right skin tone.

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Many makeup artists will tell you to choose a shade lighter than your skin tone for your foundation. This tends to work best, since a lighter color will blend in easier when you apply it on your face. Regardless, ask a beauty consultant to help you find the right shade - there is such a thing as TOO light, which will ruin all your photogenic moments!

For Indian women, it's best to stick with medium or tan shades. Light shades can have light-reflecting crystals and minerals in them, which stand out too much on darker skin.

DON'T forget to blend!

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Even with the perfect shade, a makeup look can be ruined by simply forgetting to blend in your foundation! If you're using cream foundation, use makeup sponges to evenly apply it to your face. For powder foundation, invest in a good powder or kabuki brush.

Make sure to shake off the brush once you've dipped it in the powder to remove any excess, and brush the powder on in outward circles starting from your cheekbones. An even look is key to flawless face makeup!

DO experiment with color.

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There are so many shades of blushes and bronzers to add some warm colors to your face - you can go with a thick cream blush or a light powder bronzer. Experiment with the level of red/warmth that adds the best flush to your skin. You might find that the color adds a healthy glow and freshness to your entire face.

DON'T forget the face powder.

You should ALWAYS ALWAYS use a face powder or touch-up powder to finish off your face makeup. Whether you've opted for a BB cream or a liquid foundation, always use a powder to lock in your look and keep your pores from standing out. The powder will smooth out your skin and give you a shine-free freshness that helps your makeup last longer.