Sonie & Rasik's Breathtaking Underwater Engagement Shoot

2014 Dec 4 - by dulhan
Does anyone else think of rain-soaked SRK extending his hand out to an equally drenched Kajol when they think of romance? Is that just me?  Don't lie, you know water and beautiful people is the basic formula for true love.

This engagement shoot from Banga Studios definitely adds more evidence to my theory.  Sonie and Rasik look beautiful and mysterious as they pose next to and inside a moonlit pool (which is a literal pool though poetic extrapolation is also welcome).

These beautiful portraits illustrate the playfulness of the couple (you saw that inner tube, right?) as well as their GQ-level attractiveness.  Exhibit A:

The combination of actions shots and heart-warming embraces creates such a dynamic photo series.  It's so difficult to pick out a favorite because every one of them feels like true love.

Everything is moonlit and nothing hurts.  

And these two straight up belong on a  Bollywood movie poster: 

My jaw completely fell open on this photo.  This is some Vogue editorial quality photography.  Banga + Sonie and Rasik + water = true love.  Definitely.

Oh my gosh this couple is so adorable.  I can't wait till our feature on their wedding comes out.

Be sure to check back later this week for the full spread on their beautiful Cancun wedding.