Sonie & Rasik's Golden Tropical Hindu-Sikh Wedding {Cancun, Mexico}

2014 Dec 4 - by Nadya
Today's gorgeous wedding comes straight from the Banga Studios portfolio.  You saw their engagement photo shoot posted earlier. This is the same  beautiful couple with the same cocktail of adorable and pure filminess.  And oh my gosh they are so photogenic.

The photographers at Banga had so much to say about the wedding's proceedings: Rasik and Sonie tied the knot on April 30th in the gorgeous Cancun, Mexico. The warmth of Mexico and its beautiful colours pretty much resonates through Rasik and Sonie’s souls – they are a very bright, fun and breezy couple that truly are a breathe of fresh air. 

Sonie’s outfits throughout the wedding week were on point with the location and her style. She was never over done and always looking comfortable, stylish and of course gorgeous; let us not forget Rasik, he was quite dapper!

The families kept us on our feet with exciting performances and fun pre-wedding events; the wedding itself was very tasteful and full of spirit.

It was really fun for us to see both the Hindu and Sikh ceremony take place outdoors, which gave us the opportunity to be more free and creative with our work.

To sum up the over all experience of the wedding, their family, friends and the couple themselves are great fun to be around. It was never a dull moment with Rasik and Sonie!

This wedding was completely stunning.  From the engagement photos to the pre-wedding shoots to the haldi to the ceremony, each and every second was full of life and love.  It's hard to flip through these photos without smiling (I dare you to try!).

Thank you so much, Banga Studios, for sharing this wedding with us! And good luck to Sonie & Rasik - if your photos are anything to go off of, your life together looks like it's gonna be thoroughly gorgeous.