{2015 Wedding Trends} Mandaps

2015 Jan 19 - by dulhan
Now that we've covered trends in wedding cakes, bridal fashion, and henna, it's on to mandaps!

A mandap is typically seen in Hindu, Sikh, and Jain weddings only, and it's where the couple make their vows during these religious ceremonies.  They are full of personality.  From the more austere ones to the ones drowning in flowers, mandaps tend to pre-empt the theme and mood for the wedding.  Basically,  Westerners have mason jars, we have mandaps.

2014's mandaps were all about the flower ball - beautiful styrofoam balls stuck with hydrangeas and roses.  2015, by contrast, is going to pick up some new decorations. I, for one, can't wait to see a mandap dripping in paper lanterns.  Additionally, chiffon-y type draping and curtains made of flowers were a big deal this year.  Next year we're going to be moving away from the typical flower arrangements in favor of minimalist looks and even flower-less mandaps.

1. New Baubles 

Paper Lanterns  Photography by Matthew Williams-Ellis

While 2014 was all about the chandelier and flower ball (that is literally just a ball made of live flowers), 2015 will be bringing in less traditional items like mirrored balls (mini disco balls, if you prefer), bunting, rugs, and paper lanterns.

We'll be seeing couples hanging new ornaments alongside old ones and finding beautiful ways to bedeck their literal knot-tying venue.

2. Minimalist 

Photo Courtesy of Udaipur Event Management

For a long time mandaps have hosted full roofs.  These massive domes, squares, and pyramids have completely covered mandaps, giving them a somewhat substantial presence in the ceremony.

Moving forward, we will be seeing more minimal mandap roofs.  Things like halos or suspended roofs will be making a big appearance in 2015.

3. Asymmetrical Flower Draping

Asymmetrical Alter Photographed by A Brit & A Blonde 

Somewhat niche and maybe just for the off-kilter couple, an asymmetrical flower draping is both visually appealing and interesting.

A few of these sprang up in 2014, but I think we'll be seeing a lot more of these odd decorations soon.

4. Flower-less 

Curtain Alter Photographed by Courtney Dox Photography 

Or, going the other way, a lot of couples are going to be opting for the less traditional flower-less look.  Typically mandaps are dripping in flowers, but minimalism will take over and we'll either be seeing less or no flowers in 2015's mandaps.

Careful flower usage will reign (and so will curtains).

5. Desi-cum-Rustic

Tree Alter Photographed by W Studios New York

Bringing back that Bollywood tree, mandaps may be going in a decidedly minimalist, nature-loving direction.  With a single tree adorned with flowers or wooden branches tied together to form an alter, 2015 mandaps will be simple, elegant, and a bit rustic.

It's going to be a beautiful combination of Western rustic wedding trends and pure Desi tradition.

6. Pastels

Pastel Mandap Photographed by Harvard Photography

Mandaps typically are full of vibrant reds, oranges, and greens, all of which are very traditional in Indian weddings.  Couples of 2015 will be experimenting with colors and pushing traditions a bit further.

Pastels will become color celebrities in upcoming weddings.  They'll also be showing up all over mandaps, like in the one above.

7. Arcs and Semi-circles

Arc Mandap Courtesy of Sapna Weddings

The typical intimate and enclosed mandap will soon be a thing of the past.  Wide-sweeping mandaps, formed in the shape of an arc or semi-circle, allow the guests to be a part of the ceremony.

These mandaps are beautiful for their airiness and simple elegance.  Dressed up with drapes or flowers, arc mandaps will be all over 2015.

Mandaps, as the most traditional aspect of Desi weddings, are the centerpiece.  How the couple arranges them reflects both their taste and affinity for tradition.  We will be seeing some truly gorgeous mandaps in 2015 that marry the two (and the couple!).