24 Gold Jewelry Pieces We Love

2015 May 30 - by dulhan
South Asian weddings are all about gold - the commodity is considered both a status symbol and an investment in many cultures. When a bride gets married, she takes gold passed down from older generations of females into her new life with her. It's considered good fortune and a good way to store wealth for future investments.

Despite the prevalence of silver and platinum engagement rings in Western societies, you'll always find gold wedding bands, necklaces, and bangles around your grandmother and her friends. The cultural value of gold is probably higher than its monetary value, and that's why we're paying tribute to the classic and timeless precious metal.

Whether it's 24 karat, 18 karat, or gold-plated, here are 24 gold jewelry designs that would look stunning on any bride:


Jhumka Choker, from Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week 2014

Jhumka jewelry is classic, Indian design that's perfectly suited for a traditional wedding - but this statement necklace is bold and modern too. I love the depth to the design, and how the heavy piece still manages to accentuate a slim neckline.

Pearl Studded Choker, photo by Creatrix Photography

Pearls are gold's best friend - they're elegant, shiny, and will add personality to any piece of jewelry. This choker is layered with a pendant, but it's so beautifully done that doesn't look overwhelming.

Gold Statement Set, photo by Sunny Digital Imaging

If you're going for the gold, why not go all out? This Rajasthani bride shows off her matching gold jewelry set - complete with statement necklaces, heavy earrings, and hair decor.

Kundan Lotus Necklace, from Tanishq Bridal Jewelry

The carefully carved gold plates truly resemble lotus petals in this gorgeous design. I love how the pendant represents the whole flower, while the chain of the necklace is an intricately built water lotus.

Purely Gold Collar, photo by Christina Szczupak

Sometimes gold is best left to shine on its own, without any jeweled accompaniments. This choker proves that point, with simple dangle accents and bright, carved details to bring out the beauty in the precious metal.


Simply Carved, photo by Glen Abog Photography

I love how these bangles are so simple, yet so beautiful. They're perfect for laying with other bangles - colored, preferably - or just wearing on their own. The simple criss-cross design is eye-catching, but not show stealing.

Focal Pendant, photo by Gagan Dhiman

This modern take on the traditional Indian bangle allows for one pendant piece to be the focus of the design, instead of details all around. The swirly pattern is beautiful and elegant, and since it's on its own, it gets all the attention. You can wear a bangle like this without any others, so your wrists will be light, but they won't miss out on any dazzle!

Gold Plate Cuff, photo by Jillian Mitchell Photography

A Western-style cuff, influenced by gladiator designs, is just as perfect at a South Asian wedding. The plates are shiny, but simple, and they make for a thick cuff that can stand on its own, or can be paired with other bangles.


Drop Earrings with Pearls, photo by Jamie Howell Photography

Indian earrings are full of small designs and dangles here and there - but a pearl is the perfect focal point to bring all that together. it complements the bronze-gold earring and draws attention to the gorgeous drop shape.

Rustic Chandelier Earrings, photo by Brollop Photography

Chandelier earrings are most commonly worn by Indian brides, but this set goes beyond the traditional by mixing pearly beads and red accents into the design. The result is perfectly eye-catching, especially since the colors really complement deep reds often worn by South Asian brides.

Diamond and Gold Earrings, photo by Cristina G Photography

Diamonds don't have to be paired with silver to stand out - they'll dazzle just fine against a gold setting! These earrings are lightweight and simple: perfect for the bride who wants a gold jewelry ensemble without weighing down her ears.


Intricate Gold Ring, photo by Adrian Tuazon-McCheyne

This rustic gold ring is gorgeously paired with a red precious stone for a dreamy design. The cut and carvings are Western, but the use of gold makes it a valuable ring for traditional Indian jewelry enthusiasts.

Matching Gold Wedding Rings, photo by Jo Lewis

Some couples opt not to match wedding rings, but for those who do, this simple diamond and gold set is stunning. The round cut diamond is the centerpiece for the bride's ring, but that doesn't mean smaller diamonds can't come along for the ride! I love how sleek and slim the groom's ring is - simplicity can't be beat!

Stacked Gold Ring, photo by Paper Antler

Perfect as a statement ring on your non-wedding ring hand, or as a wedding band in and of itself, this stacked ring cleverly plays with different textures for a truly unique shine.

Gold Bow Ring, photo by Irfan Ahson Photography

How cute is this bow ring?! It looks at home placed next to a traditional, heavyset ruby ring, yet its lightweight and fun design can stand out on its own for a casual affair. Wear it as part of your wedding jewelry set or by itself as a statement piece - it's sure to get lots of compliments.

Nose Rings

Dangles & Jewels, photo by CoolBluez

A medium-sized nose ring with ear attachment is suitable for almost all face shapes. The thick gold ring goes well with clear or colored jewels. Since the jewels here are clear, you can pair this nose ring with silver or gold jewelry.

Golden Dangle, photo by 4Eyes Photography

I love this all-gold dangling nose ring for its purity and simplicity. The chain is so delicate, and the pendant on the ring is a beautiful and unique design with just a hint of green. Wear this nose ring if you want a lightweight ornament that won't distract too much from heavy earrings or necklaces.

Red and Gold, photo by Daniel Hon Photography

Red and gold is a truly timeless combination - especially for South Asian brides. This large jeweled nose ring is for the bold and fabulous. The intricate jewels add some flair to the oversized ring, while the red chain is a unique and fun way to incorporate color into jewelry.


Gold Headband, photo via FashionWorld Hamood

Many Maharashtrian brides wear thick headbands for various wedding events - and for good reason, too. They go well with an updo and pair perfectly with thick earrings or ear cuffs.

Jeweled Gold Hair Pins, photo by Wedding Documentary

South Indian brides are experts at beautifully done hair braids with gold ornaments. This red, gold, and green jewelry adds volume to the braid and makes the hair as much of an accessory as the jewelry itself. It's easy to apply and simply stunning to wear.

Single Gold Pendant Tikka, photo by M2 Photography

Tikkas are common accessories for South Asian brides, and gold is a great metal to base them in. This simple tikka features a solid gold pendant and chain - an effortlessly chic design that'll look good on any hairstyle.

Jeweled Armband, photo by Rohan Misra Photography

Armbands are truly an underappreciated wedding accessory - they add extra flair to an outfit and are an excellent excuse to wear more gold. This jeweled armband features some colored accents for a magical touch, and the symmetric design is eye-catching.

Gold Finger Bracelet, photo by

Finger bracelets are a great way to lead the eyes toward your magnificent bangle ensemble - all the better in gold, of course. This bracelet is simple, with gold bead accents and tiny bits of colored jewels. The single chain really keeps the attention on the intricate details.

Bedazzled Dress Pin, photo by Mason and Megan Photography

Sometimes, wedding dresses need to be pinned here and there - whether you've got an inherited dress from a female relative or you can't risk any major alterations on your custom-made gown. A gold dress pin with diamonds is classy and effective - if you're going to draw attention to your dress, what better way to do so than with shiny jewelry?

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