31 Gorgeous Indian Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Wanna Steal

February 16, 2015 - by Nadya

The only thing that lasts longer than the memories from your wedding day are the photos, so you need to invest in truly perfect pictures.  This means framing the bride just right, showing off your love in the cutest ways, letting the groom have fun, and making sure all the family get camera time.

Check out our stellar list, collected from our Featured Weddings and elsewhere, of all the best and most adorable South Asian wedding poses to shamelessly steal for your own coffee table book of memories.  I even added one extra for good luck!

1. The Desi Indian Vogue

Wedding by Soltren Photography width=

Photo by Soltren Photography

2. A Run, Skip, and a Jump

day2-2187 width=

Photo by John Patrick Images

3. What Rain Blues?

Multicultural Persian Gujarati Indian Wedding 115 width=

Photo by Rob Lyons Photography

4. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

indian-wedding-texas-jatina-32 width=

Photo by Digital Shaadi Weddings

5. Slo-Mo Love

SloMo-Love-AnneRuthmann width=

Photo by Anne Ruthmann

6. The Rom-Com Lean

Bengali Kannada Indian Wedding | IJ Photo 4 width=

Photo by IJ Photo

7. Cinematic Cliff Shot

Cinematic-Wedding-AttilaNagyWeiner width=

Photo by Attila Nagy Weiner

8. Aerial Lehnga Twirl

nomi ansari Rang Mahal bridal collection 3 width=

9. Bridal Silhouette

Fusion Indian Wedding DC | Baltazar Foto 22 width=

Photo by Baltazar Photography

10. Getting Ready, Getting Gorgeous

Gujarati Tamil Indian Wedding | Wedding Documentary 20 width=

Photo by Wedding Documentary

11. Dreamy Chunni

Indian Wedding Inspiration | Lotus Photos 27 width=

Photo by Rising Lotus Photography

12. Mehndi Closeups

TriBeCa Rooftop Wedding | 5th Avenue Digital 04 width=

Photo by 5th Avenue Digital

13. A Kiss in the Greens

WeddingWire Indian Fusion Wedding | Working Brides Weddings 82 width=

Photo by Hopkins Studios

14.Techy Joota Chupai

Gujarati Tamil Indian Wedding | Wedding Documentary 67 width=

Photo by Wedding Documentary

15. The Jeweled Bride

Vintage Chic Muslim Wedding - Straylight Photo 60 width=

Photo by Straylight Photo Studio

16. Field of Dreams

Bliss-ViktoriaHaack width=

Photo by Viktoria Haack

17. Pooja Dream

Bengali Kannada Indian Wedding | IJ Photo 28 width=

Photo by IJ Photo

18. Romantic Shava Shava

indian-wedding-texas-jatina-10 width=

Photo by Digital Shaadi Weddings

19. Under the Influence

Destination Indian Wedding | f5Photography 15 width=

Photo by F5 Photography

20. A Little Privacy Please

ALittlePrivacy-DustinTodd width=

Photo by Dustin Todd Photography

21. Behold! My Ring

Behold-PlumTreeStudios width=

Photo by Plum Tree Studios

22. Sneak Peek of the Bride

Indian Wedding Tucson | IQPhoto 23 width=

Photo by IQPhoto Studio

23. Insta This

Insta-This-CinematicbyDavidM width=

Photo by Cinematic by David M

24. BMFL = Bridesmaids for Life

BaraatAlternatives.Ricksha width=

Photo by Rammal Mehmud Photography

25. Thank You!

Thank-You-HaveaHeartPhotography width=

Photo by Have a Heart Photography

26. Living Love GIF

Gif by JLB Photography

27. Over the Threshold

Chicago Muslim Wedding Photos | VEK Photog 52 width=

Photo by Vek Photography

28. Wedding Lace

Because no Indian or Pakistani bride is short of beautiful outfit trimming

California Vintage Indian Wedding IQPhoto Studio41 width=

Photo by IQPhoto Studio

29. Candid Cute Kids

Maharashtrian Hindu Indian Wedding | Gagan Dhiman Photos 06 width=

Photo by Gagan Dhiman Wedding Photography

30. All About that Train

Star Wars Pink Indian Wedding | Conway Photos 12 width=

Photo by Conway Photography

31. It's a Love Thing

Post-Wedding Shoot w Vera Wang Dress | Matei Horvath Photo 11 width=

Photo by Matei Horvath Photography

Borrow or shamelessly steal, these Indian wedding poses and picture ideas are just the start of you ensuring you get all the best memories from your wedding.  Be creative, be daring, and get them photos!

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