Anushree Reddy's "The Royal Courtyard" Collection {Lakme Fashion Week 2015}

March 22, 2015 - by Shriya

Bright pinks, luscious peach and blush accents, and summery pastels defined Anushree Reddy's princess bride collection, "The Royal Courtyard," on Saturday, March 21st. Anushree Reddy's collections have always sold well amongst fashionable Indian brides and guests - the girly colors and floaty fabrics make the outfits just as dreamy and fabulous as the perfect wedding imagined by young girls.

RoyalCollection5-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

This year's collection upheld the elegance and grandeur with lots of silk and sheer tulle and floaty georgette fabric on wedding lehengas and cholis, accented by embroidery and bright, magical colors. Intricate zardosi work and beading added shimmering silver, gold, and crystal flair to voluminous skirts. In line with spring and summer concepts, floral motifs were common, as were the peach and caramel tones often associated with warm weather.

RoyalCollection11-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

Songstress Kanika Kapoor glided down the runway in an Anushree Reddy original - she's best known for singing the hit song, "Baby Doll." This muted olive green choli is gorgeous and perfect for summer, outdoor wedding attire - despite not being a bright color. The netting has enough depth on its own, but the unique knot at the top of the choli adds an extra dimension of glamour. I love the contrast of the floral print blouse as well, adding a very spring feature to the subtle outfit.

RoyalCollection1-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

Of course, the dazzling colors soon followed - this coral orange and blush pink lehenga choli is the perfect outfit for a warm mehendi-sangeet night. The red orange skirt with bright pink borders is a bright, but contrasting combination - and just look at that flirty twirl! The beautifully embroidered blouse is subtle but elegant, mostly due to its light color, which keeps the attention on the bright skirt.

RoyalCollection7-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

I love this yellow-green choli ensemble as well - it's bright, but versatile. You could wear it as the bride to your sangeet night or as the guest to a wedding reception. The focus of this outfit isn't the uniquely cut blouse but rather the delicately beaded patterns on the choli. The flower designs are a tribute to springtime, but the dazzling crystals embedded in the border make the outfit fancy enough for a dance floor.

RoyalCollection3-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

Subtle florals and dreamy net make this ensemble a bride's royal outfit, perfect for a pastel-themed reception ceremony. The jacket blouse is detailed in gold and silver beading and a flowing net that falls below the waist - but even these delicate designs don't steal the show from the beautifully patterned floral skirt. The pattern mildly resembles wallpaper - but have you ever seen the often overlooked design look so classy before? The shiny gold borders do it justice by accenting the soft pink color without overpowering it.

RoyalCollection10-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

Bollywood actress and showstopper Ileana D'Cruz brought her sweet smile to the runway in this happy pink choli ensemble. The skirt is patterned in a cute chevron print that plays off the contrast between bright, summery pink and its lighter hue. It's impressive how the beaded patterns on the bottom of the choli don't clash with the bright colors - only a fashion mastermind like Anushree Reddy can toe the line between too many patterns in such a fabulous way The peach dupatta and neutral beaded blouse go really well with the choli: they're in dulled tones to draw attention to the skirt, but the silvery beading ensures that they get their due attention as well.

RoyalCollection6-AnushreeReddy-Lakme-Fashion-Week2015-4.jpg width=

Overall, Anushree Reddy's Royal Collection speaks true to its name: it is the classic, timeless, and girly wardrobe that every bride wants for her dream wedding. The fun, bright colors and peachy, shiny accents go together perfectly to create outfits that are truly fit for a princess.

Click through the gallery for more of Anushree Reddy's show. And make sure to check out our other Lakme Fashion Week coverage, such as Manish Malhotra, Gaurang Shah, and Suneet Varma.

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