Cute Wedding Gifs to Get Obsessed With

2015 Mar 24 - by dulhan
It's old news that gifs have paved a new way through the internet for creative expression. From perfect reactions to romantic fixed movement, gifs are a fantastic alternative to boring still frame pictures.  And weddings have taken to them like a baby to laddoos.

Indian weddings are all about the details.  From the mangal sutra gifting to the sari drapings to the nikkah tears and phera rounds, affection comes out in the small movements.  And while there aren't pages and pages of South Asian wedding gifs to share, wedding gifs are definitely a direction I see modern Indian and Pakistani wedding photography going soon.

Below are some of the most gorgeous wedding gifs, Indian and otherwise, the internet has to offer.  Get obsessed now.

Mehndi Lapse, made by EstremaIndia


Most gifs nowadays are made from video recordings shortened into a 2-second loop.  This one is a series of photographs, creating a pretty little stop-motion of the mehndi night.  It's so simple to make but such a gorgeous final product.

 Arun & Nishi's Wedding, made by OhPriya


This gif is simple and delicate.  It perfectly captures the care and love that goes into getting the bride ready.  And that gorgeous kundan necklace is definitely distracting me.

Stop-Motion Twirl, made by JLB Wedding


This slow twirl shows the movement of the bride's wedding dress and the groom's devotion.  It's gentle and sweet and it says so much with no words.

Makeup Magic, made by OhPriya


There is something effortlessly gorgeous about applying makeup.  It might be the softness in the face or the gentleness of the application but it's always a perfect moment to capture.  This gif makes getting ready look sacred.

Dreamy Veil, made by JLB Wedding


A variation on the usual gif format is the still-motion look like in the gif above.  In these images, part of the scene is moving while the rest remains still.  It's a wonderful way to show the timelessness of your romance.

Hand Over Heart, from Kabhi Jo Badal Barse by Arjun feat. Arijit Singh


It's all about the small moments, remember?  When the groom sees his bride for the first time or when the sindoor is applied or, like in this gif, when the couple's hands are joined for the ceremony.  Tradition and affection are in these gestures, making them perfect moments to capture in loop motion.

Love in the Eye of the Beholder, from the film Ek Villain


Even though this gif is from a Bollywood movie where they have a budget to do and re-do the pheras and rice-throwing, it's not hard to capture some of the guests' love and joy as they wish the couple well.  Station yourself and film - odds are you'll get a full human emotional spectrum in this single moment of the wedding.

Indian Princess, from the film God Tussi Great Ho and made by Sajnakeliye


Even though it's the bride's job to keep smiling throughout the day, sometimes it can look a little forced or plastic.  If you can capture a candidly sweet moment with her in all her finery, you're doing good.

Haldi-Pithi, from the film Akaash Vani and made by Tyler Powsey


One of my favorite pre-wedding events is the Haldi Ceremony where the family takes turns applying haldi to the bride or groom's face and clothes.  It's such a sweet event that usually and fairly quickly goes south into a bit of a food fight.  This scene, before the bride is completely covered in sticky yellow goo, is gorgeous.

It's Recording!, made by JLB Wedding


The series of quickly shot pictures that make up this gif give this lovely candid scene a stop motion feel.  Gifs are equally great in capturing spontaneous feeling as well as deliberate action so be sure to get everything!

Happy Glitter, made by Geoff Duncan Photography


This is my absolute favorite Indian wedding gif.  It shows off one of the happiest moments from the wedding in a way a single photograph can't.  The motion of it is full of joy and watching it over and over makes me so happy.

These are only a small sampling of the sheer amount of wedding gifs that are popping up.  As photographers figure out ways of setting themselves apart from the competition, many have begun experimenting with formats like the gif.  Unfortunately, gifs are not necessarily an established fixture in photography so be sure to ask your cinematographer or photographer if they can make them for you.