The Best & Worst Wedding Outfits from BMW India Bridal Week

2015 Jan 4 - by Preeti
The India Bridal Fashion Week hosted by BMW was just a short while ago, and we finally had a chance to pick out our favorite bridal outfits.

From boho chic lenghas, to lacy saris, there was something for everyone this bridal season. There were also some outfits we're not anyone should ever be wearing though (I'm looking at you Falguni and Shane Peacock).

The best wedding dresses:

There aren't enough blue wedding lenghas/saris/shararas out there, so this one from Ashima Leena wins. Teal and blue don't seem the best of friends color-wise, but they sure do look lovely together.

Designer Gauri & Nainiki went with a Dolce and Gabbana meets Jean Paul Gautier. Funky, structured, and over the top, the dresses are more for show than wear. But this red ruched dress with a high cut, is just daring enough without being too revealing. The only downside? You need to be pretty tall to pull this off as a wedding or reception dress.

Suneet Varma went all crazy with boho tribal jewelry, umm yes, because brides want a crown with spikes. But what I really love about this photo is Azva's choker necklace with peacock feathers.

Meera and Muzaffar Ali know how to blend Mogul and Indian styles into seamless beauty. This lightweight lengha in soft pink with a tousled pistachio green chunni. This wedding out is romantic and lovely, and perfect for a summer or beachside wedding.

Another Meera & Muzaffar classic, a white salwar kameez with rustic gold detailing. For the bride who wants simplicity in color but won't sacrifice style.

I'm honestly not sure if this is a salwar kameez or or a lengha, or just something. But I love that capes for Indian wedding clothes are in style. Capes are popular right now for western wedding dresses, though few have been created by Indian designers. This zebra striped outfit with a pink plastic belt and a chunni cape is to die for. For the bride who wants to make a statement and knows how to be bold.

Twirl twirl flamenco style! Another Suneet Varma outfit. The dark velvet reds and magentas float into the air. Plus, what a great dress for dancing!

Cute boho chic short tulle dress with a sleeveless jacket from Tarun Tahiliani. Creative and sweet.

Raghavendra Rathore dressed in men in pink.'s awesome.

Jyotsna Tiwari pays homage to Tarun's Lady Gaga sari look by making it for every bride.

One of the few outfits from Falguni and Shane Peacock that didn't look like it came from the Victoria Secret Lingerie show. Love the embroidered border, long sleeves, and ruffled collar.

The worst wedding dresses:

Ahhh, back to Falguni and Shane Peacock, winners this year of the Most Non-Wearable Wedding Outfits. I normally love fluffy, layered dresses, but this is poorly constructed. I have the urge to flatten her out.

Because nothing says a classy wedding like a boyshort underwear, a corset, a velvet jacket, and sheer skirt outfit.

A closeup...

Well constructed dress, but 1. none of us will ever fit into it; 2. not sure if we want to show off a bit of camel toe for wedding guests.

Didn't I tell you that Gauri and Nainiki's bridal collection would remind you of JPG? This would be an IT piece at Paris Fashion Week, but for a desi bride? Not so much. Skip the pom pom leggings.

JJ Valaya went too far with color blocking and pattern mixing. The draping of the sari is amazing but he tried too hard.

And finally on the worst dress bridal list is Tarun Tahiliani. I know, you're thinking I'm insane but hear me out. His India Bridal Week collection was mediocre. They look like past collections, nothing new, nothing refreshing, just there. While this lengha is by no means ugly, it is not his best work.

If you survived these worst dressed bridal looks, then you can reward yourself with a gallery of tons of pretty pics!