How To Manage Multiple Wedding Events {Desi Brides 2016}

2016 Mar 21 - by dulhan
Desi brides, take note! You will probably be having multiple wedding events - and unlike most brides in this country, even the smaller events will be large, certainly larger than a standard rehearsal dinner.

I will be having multiple events for my wedding and I can tell you - it's not easy to manage. I've used these five tips to make planning my multi-event wedding a bit easier. I hope these will help you!

1. Define different themes: Maybe you want a romantic, classic wedding but also love the look of bright, bohemian weddings. The great thing about having multiple wedding events? You can have both! Set completely different themes for these various events - that way, you'll really feel like your wedding is an expression of all your tastes.

2. Write up a schedule for out of town guests: And send this to them early on! Even if they'll see all the details spelled out on their invitations, it might be too late for them to make travel plans. Figure out a schedule of events, add descriptions about the significance of each function and email the details to your closest friends.

indian-wedding-planning-eventsbyC-15Photo courtesy of Banga Studios

3. Establish who is invited to each event early on in the process: Figuring out the number of guests you'll invite to each event - and then deciding who gets to attend each - is such a crucial part of planning multiple events. That way, when your friends ask questions about what your sequence of events will look like, you'll know exactly what to tell them without hurting any feelings.

4. Allot a certain portion of your budget for the smaller events: And account for all the extras, including your outfit, jewelry hair and makeup when calculating how much you'll spend.

aguyandagirlphotography.comPhoto courtesy of a guy and a girl photography

5.Make a spreadsheet: I've kept my guest list organized by making a single master list. Instead of compiling extra lists for all the other events, I simply went in to my main list and added letters next to the names of people who were invited to additional events. It'll make my life much easier when sending out invitations!

I hope these tips helped you! What are your top hacks when planning a multi-event wedding?