21 Bridal Hairstyle Inspirations

2014 Oct 16 - by dulhan
Along with the perfect dress and the perfect groom, a bride needs to have her perfect hairstyle. With so many camera flashes and hugging relatives, the ideal hairstyle will look chic without falling apart quickly.

We've looked back at our own featured brides and scoured exciting Pinterest possibilities for 21 fun and fabulous wedding hairstyles:

The Side Sweep, from Samira and Nigel's Fusion Buddhist Ceremony

Whether it's curled, wavy, or straight, hair pulled to one side always gives off a classy vibe. This bride looks stunning in her pinned curls - and she's able to enjoy her big day without hair falling all over her face. This style allows for the dramatic, sweeping look of untied hair with the control and sleekness of a ponytail.

Bangs and Curls, from Deepa and Pratik's Wedding

Sometimes, you've gotta let your hair down so it can totally steal the show. This bride looks fun and carefree in her loose curls and straightened bangs. While this look is difficult to maintain, the bride proves that a success story is achievable after all. For a relaxed style that frames the face, try bringing back the side bangs and pairing them with ever-flattering curls.

The Sweeping Side Bun, from Tina and David's Hindu Jewish Wedding

Low side buns are the most elegant of hairstyles, representing a look one might see at a black-tie event. This bridal style is beautifully sophisticated, with a sweeping of the bangs that continues the side bun's demure flair. It's perfect for a bride who wants her hair tied up without it looking too boring.

The Casual Waves, from Shannon and Seema's Fusion Wedding

For a fun, flirty, and simple look, go with casual, beachy waves. These waves are hassle-free and natural-looking - so they can withstand any wedding-day frizz. Long, loose hair gives off a carefree vibe for that "I woke up looking perfect like this" style.

The Braided Bun, from Suneera and Faizal's Destination Wedding

Side buns can easily be jazzed up with flowers or braids - or both! This bride's classy bun is made even more elegant with curled ends and a sleek, thin braid. The touch of flowers adds a casual feeling to the updo, making it versatile and adorable.

The Top Bun, from Victoria and Mandeep's Swedish Wedding

If you're committed to an updo, there's no stronger way to signal that than the ultimate top bun. This style is elegant and controlled, with hardly a stray hair out of place. Perfect for outdoor weddings or inclement weather, this style is a fancy way to keep the focus entirely on your beautiful wedding day emotions.

The Half-Up, Half-Down, from Shraddha and Will's Tamilian Wedding

If you can't decide between an updo and letting it all hang loose, there's luckily a happy in-between. A half-ponytail allows your hair to flow prettily down your shoulders while the majority of the rouge, flyaways are tied up. This look is pretty versatile, allowing for bangs, side parts, and even tikkas and jhumars.

The Dupatta Friendly, from Chhavi and Saurabh's Wedding

If your dupatta is too fabulous to not drape around your hairdo, a friendly option is a tight bun which can pin the fabric in place. A simple side part is enough to create a dramatic effect for your hairline, while a thick bun of hair will house all the bobby pins required to hold up your dupatta. Embellishing this style with dangly earrings and a tikka is a good way to glam up the covered hairdo.

Curly Tips, from A Gorgeous Indian Korean Wedding

For shorter hair that's fine and straight on its own, a simple way to jazz up your style might be to curl the ends. With a large barreled curling iron, the tips of your hair will spring and bounce - adding depth to the look. A side part adds even more volume to this happy, low-maintenance style.

Braided Headband, from Deeba and Ali's Indo-Pakistani Reception

Braids are an unfailing way to add complexity and texture to a hairdo. This bride opts for a thin headband made of a single braid that rests across her head. Loose, bouncy curls add to the careful, summery look. This is one hairstyle that certainly pays off in attention after all that styling.

Straight and Simple, from Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week 2013 

Sometimes simple is the most flattering look. With a sleek hairstyle like this one, it's better to be safe than struggle with gravity against an up-do. This look is universally fashionable, whether you're in a saree or a lehenga. So trust your straightener and leave the rest up to your lovely, shiny locks.

The Pinned Curls,  from Debika and Taki's Orissi Hindu Wedding

This look is simple and sleek but also glamorized with loose, flowing curls. By pinning curls behind ears, the bride is able to show off her earrings and keep hair out of her face. Curls are a classy way to let your hair down and wear a more natural, easily maintained style.

The Princess Up-do, from Shubhra and Piyush's Rajasthani Wedding

A high ponytail with curly tendrils falling gracefully down the bride's face - sounds like a look suited to a princess! Curly hair and the tiara add the finishing touch to this adorably regal style. For a bride that really wants to feel special on her big day, a princess-inspired like this one is perfect.

Fabulously Floral, from Shweta and Jeff's Fusion Wedding

Indian weddings love flowers - especially South Indian weddings, where jasmines in hairstyles are common. This look goes above and beyond the casual "flower in the hair" style for a full-blown and supremely gorgeous flower-encrusted braid. Every outline of hair is covered by a beautiful arrangement of jasmines with some marigolds for a pop of color. Even the South Indian tikka is surrounded by a halo of red flowers for a truly magical look.

The Pin and Bun, from Ryan Breziner Photography

Instead of a dupatta, this bun is pinned with a gorgeous, jeweled hairpin. Allowing the bun to stand out in its full glory is a clean and sophisticated look. The hair is neatly gathered right at the back of the head for a style that's bound to stay in place - especially with a pretty pin.

Short and Sweet, from Brooklyn View Photography

If you have short hair, you might feel unfairly left out of the wedding hairdo excitement - but that's not the case at all!  A short hairstyle is perfect for simple and sweet curls that add a bouncy flair to the bridal look. A decorated headband is an additional way to add some personal style (and 1920s glam!) to your ensemble.

The Gathered Bun, from I Love Wednesdays

If you feel like buns are too strict and controlled, go for a gathered hair style. Pulling hair loosely to the back of the head is a more casual, natural look - especially with wavy or curly hair. You can also leave some tendrils hanging out to frame your face and add some unintentional texture to the look.

The Perfect Braid, from Nadia and Adil's Wedding

Braids are common Indian hairstyles, and there's no reason why they should be left out of weddings. For a braid that's not too Bharatanatyam class, add some embellishments like flowers and a teased bump. It's a careful, but fun, style that's always flattering.

Waterfall Curls, from Sheeba and Subin's Wedding

This look is intricate, stunning, and requires a lot of hard work. The careful styling pays off with the beautiful braided detail and drooping tiny curls. It's a pretty vintage look that pairs well with any outfit - since the hairstyle is an accessory all on its own!

The Double Bun,  as seen on Style Me Pretty

Buns are very lovable - with their versatility and control, they make a great wedding hairstyle. So logically, two buns are better than one! This multi-layered look features two stacked buns, with loose strands all about. It's a twist on the casual, low-hanging bun that adds more volume to the bridal look.

Braided Paradise, from Joel Bedford Photography

Speaking of how amazing braids are, buns and braids are a match made in heaven! This look gathers two braids into a bun with wavy hair for a clean, vintage look. Hairpins can help hold the style in place while adding some sparkle.

The Perky Ponytail, from LL Style Photography

Ponytails aren't just for children or cheerleaders, they make for a fabulously fun hairstyle for brides too. This perky look features a flowing mane of hair - perfect for a bride that wants a bouncy hairstyle and flowing locks without any hair in her face. It allows her to show off more jewelry with a totally voluminous style.

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