21 Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Inspirations

2014 Oct 7 - by dulhan
Whether you're having a fusion wedding or a full-on Desi wedding, flowers are a must-have. Flowers can be found all over a wedding venue, from the bride's hair to table decorations.

Bridal bouquets are becoming commonplace, even in Indian weddings - so we've compiled a list of our 21 favorite bridal bouquets to inspire you to get creative with those handy flowers!

Red Rush, from Brittany Lauren Photography

Red is an indisputably perfect color for Desi weddings, and this bouquet of red roses, tulips and proteas is no exception. The bold color contrasts against a white dress here, but it could easily suit a bright Indian lehenga as well. The bed of leaves upon which the flowers are arranged adds texture to the look - and adds to its blooming fabulousness.

The Red Theme,  from Naureen and Ghazaly's Wedding Reception

Red is a popular color amongst Indian and Pakistani brides - why not choose a bouquet that complements the bold color? This rose bouquet features red roses amongst a blank canvas of white roses. The effect highlights the bright color and matches the bride's outfit perfect.

The Pink Peonies, from 15 Peony Bridal Bouquet Inspirations

Peonies are beautiful for weddings - their layered petals and bright colors can complement any theme. Pink, as women all know, is flattering in some shade or another for almost anyone. Add in some dahlias and this pink peony bridal bouquet plays on the ombre effect and stands out boldly against a white or light colored dress.

The Orange Theme, from Rubina and Rizwaan's Vintage Muslim Wedding

Orange is a unique color that matches with almost any color - purple, pink, blue, you name it. It's therefore perfect for Indian weddings where brides are decked out in multiple colors. The brighter orange gerberas flowers contrasts with the white roses to create a dreamy effect - perfect for a summery or sunny wedding.

The Yellow Lilies, from Chethana and Eric's Elephant-Inspired Wedding

These yellow lilies stand out so brightly against the bride's white wedding dress. Yellow symbolizes happiness, which makes it perfect for a wedding. The color will stand out against any shade of white, and it also goes well with a commonly-used red. This bouquet keeps it simple, using a bold color to stand out.

The Green Bouquet, from Emily and Adam's Indian-Jewish Wedding

Who knew green could be used so beautifully in a bouquet? This bouquet even goes as far as to feature leaves and buds in all their natural beauty. The fresh color is offset by a few bright orange flowers - just enough to jazz up the look without stealing attention away from the green goodness.

The Violet Theme, from Kirti and Sandeep's Fusion Wedding

Purple is a lovely color - it's bright, deep, and bold. This bouquet features a blend of light and dark purples amidst white roses. The colors stand out in such an arrangement, and they also happen to match the purple part of the bride's outfit, without clashing with the red.

White Wonder, from Sheeba and Subin's South Indian Wedding

White lilies are the only focus of this gorgeous bouquet. It's simple and sweet - and will match literally anything. The beauty of this bouquet is that it emanates that pure, bridal glow without clashing with a bride's colorful outfit.

The Poof Ball Bouquet, from Diana and Andrew's Hindu-Catholic Wedding

Bouquets don't often feature openly-displayed flower stems - at least not without plenty of ribbon to disguise them. This bouquet proves that the leaves and stems of flowers are beautiful enough to be on display too. The bright green stems and leaves add a fresh, natural quality to the lightly tinted peonies, and the bed of leaves is a great contrast to the pinks and whites.

The Princess Pink, from Deeba and Ali's Florida Reception

Pink is a fun color to use in weddings. The pretty shade is made even cuter with a bed of white hydrangeas in this stunning bouquet. The color stands out and is made even more fabulous with rhinestone accents on the flowers. This bouquet is perfect for a fairytale princess wedding!

Rustic Springtime, from Dharini and David's Sri Lankan Wedding

The pastel shades, the pops of magenta, and the stalks of green all come together to create a beautiful rustic bouquet. The colorful display of flowers, both bloomed and buds, is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The look is fresh and happy, with a vintage flair.

Sunset Shades, from Kripa and Brian's Indian Fusion Wedding Shoot

Orange roses and purple carnations blend together to create a dazzling sunset effect. The colors are all bright, yet they play off each other for a fantastic and unique combination. The bride's white veil and dress contrast with the bold bouquet to give proper attention to the flowers.

Garden Love, from Jillian Rose Photo

Burgundy red and bright pink garden roses never looked so magnificent. Combined with whimsical flowers, this makes a beautiful bouquet in all the colors you might associate with love. The use of buds adds texture to the look, and the different shades of colors add depth.

Springtime Bloom, from Aly Carroll

Orange peonies and magenta proteas, mixed with some leaves and sprigs, make for a bouncy springtime bouquet. The colors are bright and fresh, and the flowers add to a perky look. Plus, there are some fun little clementines added to the bunch!

Deep and Divine, from JY Weddings

This bouquet is made from garden roses, ranunculus, and anemones, in ombre shades ranging from white to deep red. The arrangement of the bouquet allows for color blocking so each of the shades can stand out. For both an indoor and and outdoor wedding, this bouquet is bound to get admiration in any lighting.

Creamy Rose, from A San Francisco Persian Wedding

Cream and lilac roses, with cala lily accents, make up this dreamy delight of a bouquet. The colors are neutral, but slightly tinted for a glowing look. The fullness of the bouquet adds to the light and airy effect of these flowers.

The Rainbow Bouquet, from Pinterest

This lovely rainbow bouquet is every colorful wedding's dream. With fern leaves as a border, the bouquet features yellow and red peonies, orange pincushions, and little freesia. Even little pink rosebuds are tossed into the mix for a true-to-its-name rainbow effect.

The Desert Bouquet, by Gideon Photography and Attention 2 Detail Events

Desert plants- namely orange waratah and long green dill - contribute to this burnt and glowing bridal bouquet. Buds, sprigs, and long stems create a very natural look - perfect for an outdoor wedding. The unique colors are faded, but sepia-toned enough to stand out. Any gold decor or makeup would go well with this look.

Bold Whimsical by Made by Juvenia and Flower Allie

Peach and dark pink are flexible colors, as they can be used in the spring or the summer. The range of shades is highlighted with the pale garden roses and bright ranunculus. Touches of green sprigs and purple-green succulents make this arrangement outdoorsy and not too coordinated. It's a versatile bouquet for about any wedding.

Bright Blooms

Fully bloomed pink peonies are the center of this bouquet, but the lilacs are a unique and pretty touch. The pastel shades don't overpower the bright pinks, but rather create a simple canvas upon which the colors can shine.

Whimsical Raisin, from Preston Bailey

With aubergine cala lilies, sprigs of leaves, and green sunflowers, this bouquet is perfect for autumn weddings. The burnt orange and purple shades are tribute to the fall season, while blue buds and green twigs freshen up the look to keep the bride glowing.

Bohemian Bouquet, from Lindsay Ferraris Photography

This boho-chic bouquet is made of proteas, dahlias, and thistle for a wild and untamed look. Perfect for the unique bride who wants more nature than over-the-top planning, this arrangement features magenta and fuschia florals amidst a forest of sprigs and leaves. An outdoor wedding would probably put this bouquet on full display.

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