Anju Modi's Manikarnika Bridal Collection {India Couture Week 2014}

July 17, 2014 - by Preeti

Anju Modi's designer collections are unique. A blend of tribal, bold, and sophisticated outfits, her pieces evoke emotion in you. Even if you dislike her work or sometimes find it bizarre (as in the case of stenciled face paint at Lakme Fashion Week), you admire this woman's creativity.

Update, July 17th, 11.00 PDT: So I made a booboo in that I confused some of Anju's wedding outfits with designer Rina Dhaka. I fixed it, so check out here Rina Dhaka's collection at ICW.

Her most exciting collections has been the Draupadi collection, but I think today's bridal collection at India Couture week takes her work to a new level. Called Manikarnika, these wedding lenghas and saris move dark blues to creamy whites and pinks to blood orange and dark reds.

Anju Modi India Couture Week-53 width=

And the jewelry. OH GOODNESS, the jewelry! Have you seen anything finer than these hair pieces and necklaces. They are plucked from the heavens and picked from deep within the ocean before being placed on these models.

Anju Modi India Couture Week 2014 19 width=

Showstopper Kangana Ranaut wore a Kashmiri embroidered black lengha with white threading and a long sleeve choli. I hate her hair but love that gown.

Anju Modi India Couture Week 2014 31 width=

Okay back to more pretty jewelry yummies. This gold floral linked chain set plus that haath phool with the borli (round ball) PLUS that rope necklace - ooo emmm geee.

Anju Modi India Couture Week-62 width=Anju Modi India Couture Week-59 width=

I'd so wear this to a Sangeet: flare pants, bolero style jacket, multistrand necklace. Don't you just want to dance in this outfit?

Anju Modi India Couture Week-11 width=

Stayed tuned as we bring you day 3 at India Couture Week 2014 in New Delhi. Catch Sabyasachi's collection if you missed it.

Click on the view gallery to see the full collection!

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