Sabyasachi's Hipster Collection {India Couture Week 2014}

July 16, 2014 - by Preeti

This evening, Sabyasachi kicked off the India Couture Week with an ode to being hipster.

A vintage, hipster Indian collection. If anyone can take Indian fashion and blend into an array of delight and forward-thinking, it is Mr. Sabyasachi. Remember his steampunk Indian collection? And gorgeous ladies Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor donning his outfits? How badass is this man?

This year's look was a flashback to the days of comfort travel on trains. The stage was set with several train cars with models acting as passengers. It was an old world charm meets hipster charm.

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Tulles, embellished poplin kurtas, Katha reinforced banarasi bandghalas, and plenty of crystals formed these exquisite outfits.

Thanks to fine art photographer Nitin Patel, The Big Fat Indian Wedding has exclusive behind-the-scenes access to all those beautiful saris, kurtas, ghararas, lehengas, and sherwanis.

Actress Rani Mukerji wasn't the runway showstopper but she did sport a Sabyasachi sari in black and white.

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Long sleeve sari blouses in zardozi and crystals. Don't you just want to roll yourself in all this pretty stuff?!

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Oh and those sleeves! Look at the intense embroidery on the jacket?

Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-6 width=Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-41 width=Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-5 width=Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-27 width=Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-35 width=Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-39 width=Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-43 width=

Loving this dashing hipster gentleman - complete with beard and Ferozabad green hand embroidered canvas jacket, embellished with old Agra zardozi in evil green

Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-42 width=

And these dapper gentlemen wearing Parsi Nehru velvet waistcoats, Katha reinforced banarasi bandhgalas, and hand embroidered jacket.

Sabyasachi Collection India Couture Week-40 width=

Check out the gallery for the rest of the collection!

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