20 Desi Brides, 20 Wedding Looks {Makeup Mantra}

2014 Sep 27 - by dulhan
We've had some pretty amazing weddings featured on the website this year, and what better place to look for makeup inspiration than these lovely brides?

Here are 20 of our favorite bridal looks worn by some featured brides:

Priyanka, from Priyanka and Sandesh's Outdoor Maharastrian Wedding in Georgia, in {Bollywood Vintage}

The bold lips and thick, winged eyeliner make this look similar to how 1960s Bollywood heroines might have looked on-screen. The makeup draws attention to the eyes and lips and keeps the rest of the face clean and simple.

Amita, from Amita & Amit's Wine Country Wedding, in {Blushing Bride}

I'm loving the pinks that stand out in this look - from flushed lips to subtle eyeshadow, Amita looks fresh and ready for her wedding. The red lips add a bright focal point in the otherwise subdued makeup.

Shannon, from Shannon and Seema's Fusion Wedding, in {Berry Simple}

Seema wasn't the only stunning bride at this beautiful fusion wedding, but I adore her simple makeup look. There's not too much blush, eye makeup, or lip color to draw attention away from Shannon's natural glow. The pop of berry tones on her lips and eyes adds just a bit of color to brighten up this fresh look.

Ailah, from Ailah and Sami's Classic Muslim Wedding, in {Burnt Bold}

Ailah looks fantastic in this bold makeup look featuring burnt tones of color in her eyeshadow and blush. The gold-turnt-smoky grey eyeshadow adds intense drama to her eyes and lashes, while the red lips make her seem regal. This makeup look is the perfect example of deep emphasis on eyes and lips without going over the top.

Samira, from Samira and Nigel's Fusion Buddhist Ceremony, in {Fairytale Pink}

Samira's look focuses on uniquely bright and fun shades of pink on her lips and eyes. Her eyes are subtly tinted but definitely give off a magical glow. The lip color adds a bright pop of happy color to her white outfit.

Khushbu, from Khushbu and Paras' Gujarati Wedding, in {Gujarati Royal}

The jewelry and accessories truly make this look - Khushbu is decked out in everything a royal Gujarati bride would wear. The reds and golds in her jewelry complement her subtle gold eyeshadow and bold red lips. The tikkas and eye accessories contribute to a classic and extravagant Gujarati look.

Vanita, from Vanita and Bryan's Indian Fusion Wedding, in {Glowing Gold}

Vanita's elaborate pink and gold outfit is perfectly complemented by her glowing makeup. The light hint of blush and shimmering gold eyeshadow makes her face glow with bridal happiness. Vanita's long eyelashes and pink-red lips are focal points in this simple, yet beautiful look.

Suneera, from Suneera and Faizal's Vintage Wedding, in {Bronze Beauty}


Sumeera's all-over bronzed look is beautiful and perfect for her Mexico destination wedding. The hints of gold in her eyeliner add a goddess-like feel to her makeup and create a glow with her white wedding dress.

Yana, from Yana and Archita's Hindu-Jewish Wedding, in {Natural}

Yana opts for a barely-there, natural makeup look - and it works fabulously for her. The tinted lips draw attention to her smile, while the rest of her makeup is clean and fresh for a simple beauty.

Tina, from Tina and David's Hindu-Jewish Wedding, in {Princess Glow}

Tina's use of pinks, golds, and heavy, dangling jewelry create a glowing princess look for her. The subtle pearl lipstick is offset by the dark flushes of eyeshadow. Tina is shining with elegance for her wedding day.

Myra, from Myra and Sami's Pakistani Wedding, in {Pretty in Pink}

Myra sure knows how to dress up in pink - even her nailpolish matches her tart pink lips! The gold-black eyeshadow goes well with her pink blush and her outfit too. Her look matches her pink and gold anarkhali perfectly.

Tanya, from Tanya and Saurabh's London Wedding, in {Golden Girl}

Tanya's golden look is made up of shimmer gold eyeshadow and a light hint of golden-brown bronzer. Her red lips stand out and match her flowers and bangle accents as well. She looks stunning in her golden glow.

Neetal, in Neetal and Saumil's California Wedding, in {Vintage Chic}

Neetal looks straight out of a magazine by standing in a field in a gorgeous gold dress and a fierce stare. Her gold-toned makeup is comprised of bronzer and golden eyeshadow, with orange-red lips. The contouring makes Neetal look like an old-school Bollywood star, complete with the long eyelashes!

Naureen, from Naureen and Ghazaly's Epic Walima, in {Icy Blue}

Naureen's gorgeous, icy blue outfit is a dream in and of itself - but her blue makeup is a uniquely amazing look. The blue eyeshadow matches her outfit perfectly, and the orange-toned lips and blush contrast with the color for a well put-together look.

Emily, from Emily and Adam's Rustic Indian Wedding, in {Popping Pastel}

Emily sure knows how to wear bright pastels! Her makeup has hints of purple to complement her outfit, and her matte pink lipstick goes with her colorful outfit. She definitely made full use of the bright Indian color elements in her wedding look.

Asma, from Asma and Mohammad's Fusion Wedding, in {Midnight Marvelous}

Asma looks stunning in these deep, midnight shades of blue and purple for her makeup. Her eyeshadow is blended into a beautiful dark blue to match her outfit, and even the magenta lipstick has purple tones in it. This shadowy look is a great example of brides looking beautiful in darker shades.

Nadia, from Nadia and Adil's Flower Filled Muslim Wedding, in {Floral Flush}

Nadia's makeup is simple, natural, and flattering. Her eyes are opened up by lengthening mascara but kept otherwise makeup-free. The subtle pearlescent pink lipstick and slight hint of pinkish-brown blush adds a glow to Nadia's look. She looks perfect for a nature-themed wedding!

Kerry, from Kerry and Jason's Pink Peacock Sikh Wedding, in {Pearl Perfection}

Kerry's pearl-adorned outfit is made even more fabulous with her pearly pink makeup. She's very very little eyeshadow or blush, so her bridal glow steals all the attention. The pop of pink lip color completes the simple look with a shoutout to her creamy pink outfit.

Rubina, from Rubina and Rizwaan's Vintage Muslim Wedding, in {Rustic Shimmer}

Rubina's eye makeup is a blend of shimmery blue and pink shades to match her outfit, which ties together her rustic look for a vintage wedding. Her heavy gold jewelry is accented by gold flakes in her eyeshadow, and her deep pink lip stick adds a natural, subtle tint to her lips so as to not draw attention away from her colorful eyes. I love the color scheme!

Sumisha, from Sumisha and Aman's Mumbai Sikh Wedding, in {Peach Paradise}

A peachy glow surrounds Sumisha with this simple, bronzed look. Her eye makeup is kept to a minimum as she lets her blushed cheeks and bright skin steal the spotlight. The lipstick is a deeper version of nude, which completes her neutral-toned outfit. For Sumisha, the downplay of bright colors allows the nudes and peaches to maximize her beauty.

What are some of your favorite bridal makeup looks from our collection