10 Favorite Mascaras {Makeup Mantra}

2015 Jan 17 - by dulhan
Mascara is a necessity for any makeup look, as they brighten up one's eyes and add an alertness that many of us need for early mornings - and especially long wedding rituals. With the different brushes and formulas advertised, it can be a bit daunting to figure out which brand of mascara is right for you.

Here are my 10 favorite brands of mascaras, from drugstore aisles to beauty stores:

1.  They're Real by Benefit, $23

Say goodbye to your fake lashes and glue! Benefit's mascara is the holy grail of waterproof, lash-extending formulas. This formula goes on light so it adds volume and length to your lashes without being too cakey. The brush is perfectly designed so you can reach tiny inner lashes too. If you're looking for a clump-free, flawless mascara, this is your best bet.

2.  Smokey Extravagant Mascara by Makeup Forever, $24

I got this mascara as a birthday sampler from Sephora, and it was a handy gift to receive! The tapered brush is a unique design that really fans out your lashes - it even makes it easy to get at your tiny bottom lashes too. The formula is light and airy, so it won't clump easily. This product is sold in travel sizes, so I highly recommend grabbing one of these if you want to touch up on the go.

3. Hypnose Star Mascara by Lancome, $28.50

If you're looking for that Hollywood, flaired lashes style, Lancome is your answer. This famous mascara has a glossy gel formula that adds a shine to your lashes while lengthening and defining them. It's a bit thick, but the volume is unbeatable if applied carefully.

4. Flawless Definition Mascara  by bareMinerals, $18

BareMinerals is known for its paraben-free, natural formulas, so you know this mascara won't irritate your eyes or skin. This mascara comes with a slightly tapered brush to reach those inner lashes, and the wand is good for creating long, defined lashes too. The combs are pretty close together, so you won't see many lumps. Since this mascara is on the cheaper end of "high-end" makeup, I recommend trying it out before investing in the very pricey products.

5. Lash Mascara by Buxom, $19

Buxom's Lash Mascara is simple and sweet - it creates instantly bigger, fuller lashes with a few swipes. The wand is an hourglass shape, which helps open up each lash and extend it. The formula comes in Amplified and Waterproof as well, so you can tailor your look as needed.

6. Diorshow by Dior, $25

This award-winning mascara is a trusted favorite of makeup artists - and for good reason too. The formula creates high-definition, full lashes that aren't prone to clumping. The unique brush has bristles similar to a toothbrush, but this secret is what makes the application so flawless and fabulous. Sephora sells Diorshow in some fun colors like red and blue as well, so you can customize to your personal style.

7. Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced, $23

Aside from its clever name, Too Faced's mascara comes in a cute pink package and features an hourglass brush that defines and curls each lash. The formula is paraben-free and collagen-infused, so your lashes will grow long and strong. It also boasts a smudge-proof application and formula, which definitely comes in handy for long-term wear.

8. Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara by Loreal Paris, $8.95

The Voluminous line of Loreal mascaras are my go-to drugstore brand when I don't feel like spending a pretty penny on expensive makeup. This mascara goes on clump-free and is smudge-proof for all-day wear. The formula is glossy and sleek, and it instantly adds both volume and length to lashes with minimal excess smudges on my eyelid. The brush is a simple barrel with a slight taper at the end to reach tiny lashes, but it gets the job done.

9. ColorStay Overtime Lengthening Mascara by Revlon, $7.49

Another drugstore pick, this mascara boasts 24-hour long lashes with no flaking or smudging. The formula focuses on lengthening your lashes, so it won't add much thickness but it sure will make eye-batting more fun! The brush is thin and sleek for its purpose, so each lash is separated and extended to the max. As a bonus, this mascara comes off easily too.

10. Clump Crusher Mascara by CoverGirl, $7.99

CoverGirl's mascaras are those fun, colored tubes that you're always tempted to buy in the drugstore makeup aisle. I say, go for it - the Clump Crusher mascara is a cheap but effective purchase that'll extend your lashes with minimal clumps. The formula is a bit gloopy, but by wiping off the excess, you can still apply it evenly for a defined, thick lash look.

I hope this helps you find your favorite mascara. Mascara comes in handy as a last-minute touch up to look more awake and adds a perfect finish to any makeup look. Find a brand you love that makes your lashes flirty and fabulous!