7 Common Makeup Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!) {Makeup Mantra}

2014 Aug 23 - by dulhan
Makeup struggles are part of being a modern day woman, with a desire to look more put-together without spending too much time or money on the issue. However, in our rush to look good fast, we tend to gloss over some of the finer details of makeup application!

Photo by Nitin Patel Photography

Here is a quick round-up of 7 common makeup mistakes - and how to avoid them:

1. Mismatched foundation

Finding a foundation that matches perfectly to your skin tone is a challenge faced especially by Desi women! Our range of brown skin doesn't quite fit into the heavily marketed category of "light to medium beige." So do you go with tan or medium tan or honey?! The dilemma is endless.

A good solution to this is to always test the foundation when you buy it in the store. Most stores will have tester bottles - so make sure to rub some onto your hand and blend it in to get an idea of what the makeup will look like on your face.

2. "Raccoon Eyes"

We've all been guilty of overdoing our under-eye makeup and looking like a raccoon-panda hybrid! It's easy to overapply the eyeliner, and it's even easier for the liner to bleed a bit past your waterline and get smudged.

A quick fix to this is to first only apply one layer of liner under your eyes. Try and stick with a sharp pencil for this, and aim for right under your waterline. Another tip to keep in mind: buy waterproof eyeliner whenever you can! It will bleed less and prevent smudging.

3. Clumped mascara

Perfectly applied mascara is a difficult makeup goal to attempt - but it's definitely doable. Clumps in your mascara are caused by either the application or the brush.

To start with, apply your mascara layer by layer. The best method I've found is to dip the wand into the bottle, wipe off the excess, and apply the mascara by starting close to my eyelids and wiggling the wand in between my lashes, all the way to the tips. This method makes sure that the solution gets applied evenly to all your lashes, for a totally voluminous look.

Mascara brushes are particularly important - and every brush is shaped differently! Depending on whether you want long or full lashes, you'll decide between a round brush and a longer one. The best brushes have short bristles - like the one sold with Benefit's They're Real! mascara. If you find a brush you love, just wash it off and keep it - it can be used with any mascara for better application!

4. Forgetting to powder

Finishing powder is crucial to a perfectly smooth face. It locks your foundation in and airbrushes your makeup into a smooth, flawless finish. Always remember to apply powder if you've applied any other face makeup to your face!

If you forget, you might find your face getting oiler throughout the daily as the makeup mixes into your skin. In a quick pinch, you can use oil blotting sheets or tissues to reduce shine. However, it's always best to keep a finishing powder in your handbag for emergency touch-ups!

5. Incomplete blending

Blending your makeup is the only way to avoid looking like a circus clown - so make sure to blend your blush/bronzer/foundation thoroughly! Blur your blush/bronzer so the edges aren't noticeable, and your skin just looks naturally contoured.

You can use different brushes for blending - concealer brushes work best for liquid makeup. In a pinch, your fingers make excellent blending tools as well!

6. "Pulling" the foundation

A very common, and often overlooked, makeup mistake is forgetting about your neck and shoulders! If you're wearing any foundation or highlighter, it's very likely that your face will look lighter than the rest of your skin.

Always pull your foundation and powder down past your neck. There should never be a visible "line" between where your makeup ends and your neck begins - so blend, blend, blend!

7. Too much makeup

With all the exciting varieties and colors of makeup out there, it's easy to go overboard. You'll know when you're wearing too much makeup when you can hardly recognize yourself in the mirror. As most bridal makeup consultants will tell you, your makeup should look natural and enhance your features - not drown them.

So keep your eyeliner to a reasonable thickness and don't overdo it with the pink cheeks. If you're going for a bold lip color, maybe tone down the eyeshadow so your overall look will focus on one key feature. As long as you keep attention away from more than one area of your face, you should be safe!

Makeup application sounds daunting at times, but with a few key mistake areas noted - the "getting ready" stage can be just as fun as your beauty debut!