10 Purr-fect Ways to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

2015 May 28 - by dulhan
Pets are family.  No doubt about it.  And including them in your wedding just makes sense. BUT there's definitely a line to cross between 'adorable pet time' and 'crazy pet parents.'  Rather than over-doing it, try some of the following:

1. Include Your Pets in Your Engagement

Photo via 10 Lovely LGBT Weddings in Honor of {National Pride Month}

This one is pretty easy - tie the ring to your pet's collar and melt your future spouse's heart.  It's low budget, adorable, and only a few things can go wrong (like accidentally losing two months salary if your puppy sees a squirrel - but don't think about that).

2. Make Your Buddies the Stars of Your Announcement

Photo Courtesy of True Photography

Super cute. Super adorable. Super gushy.  Putting your furry friend in the foreground of your wedding announcement/save the date is a sweet way of including your pet (also no one accidentally throws away pictures of cute animals).

3. Include Them in the Registry

Photo Courtesy of Opulent Items

Been looking at a fine china food bowl? Want that monogrammed collar? The registry is the best place to ask for it! Chances are some of your guests are a bit bored of buying things like blenders and silverware and would like to flex their creativity by getting something for the most important four-legged person in your life.

4. Pet Tuxes. Period.

Photo via Ayesha & Keval's Post-Wedding Shoot

Photo Courtesy of Cat Clothing

Right?!  Your pet will look dapper and perfect for every event (especially the big one).

5. Flower Girl Escorts

Photo Courtesy of KT Merry

The only thing more adorable than a little girl toddling around, dropping flower petals is a puppy to accompany her.  Seriously.

6. Guest Greeter

Photo Courtesy of Casie Zalud Photography

Station your furry baby in a basket or with a sign by the front of your venue and let them slobber over every guest that comes in.

7. Include Them in the Vows

Photo via Katie & Vish's Wedding

Maybe not really.  But they would probably be great sat at your feet or close by while you and your intended swap vows.

8. Wedding Photos!

Photo Courtesy of Happily Wedding

Cannot. Stress. This. Enough.  It's so easy to include your pets in photos.  They're basically your best man/maid of honor for life so station them among the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  Or take some solo shots with them.  There are so many possibilities (especially if you go with the dog tuxedo).

9. Cake Toppers

Photo via Laura & Nikhil's Wedding

Still cute but slightly more subtle than having your pet walk you down the aisle, cake toppers are a great accessory and later keepsake of your wedding day.

10. Favors

Photo Courtesy of Mavora

While the adults probably want photos from the day, monogrammed cakes, and other boring favors, the kids would go crazy over stuffie versions of your pet.  Or maybe send them home with digital pictures of them with your pet.  It's completely adorable, and parents love pictures of their kids so it'll definitely go on the fridge at home.

There are so many ways you can include your pets in your big day.  These are just some options.  Send me an email at nadya@thebigfatindianwedding.com if you have any more suggestions (or pictures!).