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January 22, 2015 - by Nadya

After Bridal Fashion, Henna, Mandaps and Wedding Cakes, I have the decoration trends of 2015 for you.  Decoration is a pretty big subject that spans things like themes, colors, locales, venues, and on and on and on.  We better get started.

Design House Styled Mehendi Shoot width=

Photo by SYPhotography from a rose filled mehndi photo shoot.

There is tons of evidence that Western weddings will be getting a decidedly normcore, neutral makeover in 2015.  After the hugely lux celebrity weddings of 2014 (*cough* Kimye *cough*), vendors will be stocking up on peachy tones and natural-look decor.  It's gonna be a lot of wooden alters for our non-Desi friends.

Desi weddings always tend to straddle both Western trend and Motherland traditions, so it's fair to assume we'll be doing the natural, #nofilter look, just without all the woodsey.  Think simple decor like fairy lights, wildflowers, and lace.

1. Fairy Lights

Elevated Event Design Fairy Lights width=

Photo courtesy of Elevated Event Design

2014 was all about the outdoor chandelier.  They were big, extravagant, and definitely over-the-top.  Going back to basics means we'll keep the lights but we'll tone it down with fairy lights, or, as my fellow Americans say, Christmas lights.

These simple strands of golden light can add a romantic, warm glow to any setting, indoor or outdoor.

2. Coral

Rustic White Photography Coral Wedding width=

Photo courtesy of Rustic White Photography

We've talked before about how pink is making its way into all Desi wedding stuff, especially dresses.  It's almost done as a trend, but coral, it's less brash, less obvious cousin is definitly making a strong showing in 2015.

This soft hue is a muted pink mixed with warm undertones.  It fits so well into flower arrangements, bridesmaids dresses, drapery, and desserts. So, don't think pink, think coral.

3. Wildflowers

todd white wildflower wedding width=

Photo courtesy of Todd White Photography

This sweet Boho touch adds a little bit of softness to the usual brightness and rush of Desi traditions.  They'll add a nice bit of contrast, as well, against the typical garishness and overwrought decor of 2014.

Pro tip: wildflowers are always in season (because it's a catchall for whatever flowers are around) and will be a bunch cheaper than the usual summer flowers.

4. Regal Themes

Downton Abbey Wedding Inspiration | True Bliss Photography 6 width=

Think Downton Abbey and the royal wedding, the weddings of 2015 are gonna definitely be all about that lace.  We've been seeing lace slowly creep into runway shows and wedding lehngas.  In the next few months we'll be seeing it carried over, along with vintage-looking flowers, gilded crockery, and simple diamond embellishments, into wedding decor.

Desi brides definitely live out princess fantasies on their wedding day, it's only fitting that their whole wedding reflects it.

5. Modern & Minimal

memories of mind minimalist wedding width=

Photo courtesy of Memories of Mine Photography

Unlike the other trends on this list, the minimal theme really doesn't have a set style.  Any pairing down of color and ornaments constitutes minimal.  So while the typical Western 'minimalist' style is sleek metals and neutral tones, the Desi minimal may, instead, be an opting for muted variation on tradition - like pale oranges, sparse centerpieces, gold cutlery, etc.

We can't all look like an Ikea catalogue, and Desi weddings are seriously hard to bleach the color out of.  That being said, 2015 is going to show us some really interesting interpretations of minimalism.

6. Metallics

David Abel Photography Metallic Wedding width=

Photo courtesy of David Abel Photography

Branching off slightly from minimalism above, metallic decor is a pretty simple concept - gold, silver, copper, and shiny things.  Stuff like the gold tablecloth above combined with the coppery plates and crystal candleholders fit in perfectly with Desi tradition and colors.

Metallic is a very easy way to add bling to your day and to incorporate all that good-luck gold inherent in South Asian events.

7. Luxe Florals

Dior Flower Wall width=

Natalie Portman by Tim Walker for Miss Dior Cherie, 2013

Walls of flowers, rhinestones in bouquets, roses tucked away in hair buns, luxe floral is definitely a thing.  Flowers have always been important to Desi functions, so the weddings of 2015 are going to kick it up a notch by incorporating flowers into every aspect of the decor.

Bordering on English grandmother, the luxe floral decoration trend is going to be bright, vintage, and sumptuous.

2015's decoration trends are going to be polarized between the rusticy goodness of a boho chic theme and the sleek elegance of floral and regal themes, with minimalism firmly stuck in the middle.  It's definitely going to be the year of warring personalities and new tradition.

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