The Essential Guide to Nepali Weddings: Groom's Attire

2015 Jun 9 - by Nadya
a href="" target="_blank">The Nepali bride is always fairly dressed up and decked out, albeit more modestly than in other parts of South Asia. But Nepali grooms, by contrast, has a certain reserved swag, topped off with a great hat.

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The traditional Nepali groom outfit is called the Daura Suruwal. Though it comes from the Limbu people, many tribal traditions have become fairly common among many Nepali people. The Daura Suruwal resembles India kurta pajame, with a long tunic and comfortable pants.

The Daura Suruwal is made out of Dhaka fabric, which is a handwoven fabric from the Terhathum district of Nepal. Dhaka fabric is brightly colored and contains geometric designs like triangles, diamonds, and hexagons. For the groom's outfit, the Dhaka fabric is usually woven through with metallic thread, giving the Daura Suruwal an almost spangled look.

Male wedding guests also wear Dauru Suruwals.  But their outfits are white, black, or khaki.  They also further differentiate their dress from the groom's by wearing blazers and suit jackets.

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The Daura Suruwal is cinched with a belt, called the patuka. This strip of red fabric is often embroidered with Hindu symbols like the swastik or ohm but it is also frequently decorated with curly designs only. Some grooms tuck a khukuri, a Nepalese knife, into their patuka.

The khukuri is a fairly commonplace tool in Nepal and is also symbolic weapon of the Nepali army and was worn by all the Gurkha regiments. It represents valor and bravery. While it's highly tradition, many grooms don't wear a khukuri (it's probably a bit much to bring a machete to your wedding).

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While many grooms, especially those of the Brahman and Chhatri tribal groups, may opt out of the Duara Suruwal, a Topi, or hat, made of the Dhaka fabric is still sometimes worn. Nepali grooms often don Western tailored three-piece suits or sherwanis. These are considered the trendier and more modern options.

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Traditional dress or modern, Nepali grooms always bring it on the style side.

The Nepali wedding guide is almost complete, the only thing left to talk about is the food!