The Essential Guide to Nepali Weddings: Post-Wedding Traditions

2015 Jun 9 - by Nadya
The aftermath of the Nepali wedding is as full of traditions as the actual wedding.  While some games are played, there is still ceremony and ritual governing this part of the union.

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Nepali Wedding Traditions

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After the groom and bride have shared their honey, yogurt, and butter mixture, they play a game of ice called pasa. This game is playing to break the ice between the couple and help the bride get over her shyness.

Next a piece of cloth is stretched over the couple and the guests throw fried paddy at them while Brahman priests change Vedic hymns about devotion, sincerity, and faithfulness.  They then apply tika to both the groom and bride's foreheads.

Photo Courtesy of Annata Mila

The wedding winds to a close as the couple apply some of the ashes from their jagya, or homa, to their foreheads, necks, shoulders, and chests.  While they do this the fathers of both the bride and groom hug for the ankamal.

At this point, the wedding as stretched late into the night and early morning so the bride and groom take naps in separate rooms.  The next morning the bride enters her groom's house as his wife.  His sisters will try to stop her crossing the threshold and they'll tease the groom.  They only stop after the groom pays them off.

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Once the couple have entered their new home, the Chaturthi karma is performed.  This is a short ritual that signals the closing of the fourth day of the wedding.  Then the bride takes a bath, changes her clothes, and prays to Lord Ganesh.  Her husband applies a tika to her forehead  and Brahman priests again chant hymns.

The groom then introduces his new wife to his mother, and the couple play more games.  One popular game has the bride and groom searching for coins in a pile of paddy, showing them how teamwork is required in their relationship.  The bride is then introduced to the rest of the family, with her veil formally lifted.  Elder family members give the couple presents.  Everyone shares in a grand meal before the couple retire to their room, which has been specially decorated for the occasion.

Photo Courtesy of Annata Mila

Finally, prayers are held the next day and the couple visits the bride's family's home before returning back to the groom's.  On the 16th day of being married, the couple again visit the bride's family's home, staying for a day, before returning to the groom's.

Speaking about that feast, next up is food and desserts!