The Essential Guide to Nepali Weddings: Introduction

2015 Jun 9 - by dulhan
Nepal, a small, mountainous country caught between the borders of China and India, is a mosaic of culture, religion, language, and tradition.  With a population split between a variety of tribes and ethnic affiliations, there is no single wedding style or practice.

And yet despite the sheer variety of cultures in Nepal, Nepali weddings remain constant in one thing - color.  Red and green are the most dominant hues in Nepali weddings, speaking to love, vitality, and tradition.

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Nepali Wedding: Introduction - You're Here!

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Nepali Wedding Traditions

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Nepali Wedding Food and Desserts

Hinduism and Buddhism are the most popular religions in Nepal.  As such, most of the weddings that take place in the Nepali tradition follow the typical structure for Hindu and Buddhist weddings with some slight alterations.

The differences between Indian Hindu weddings and Nepali hindu weddings are small yet prevalent.  Items like malas, or flower garlands, may feature grass as well as roses and events may have different names altogether while the ceremony remains similar to their Indian counterparts.

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As Nepali culture is largely Vedic, caste generally determines matches in Nepal.  Just like in Indian Hindu tradition, boys and girls are matched up based on socio-economic class for the most part, and caste is assumed to illustrate similar backgrounds, values, and motives.

Arranged marriages are fairly typical still in rural Nepal with couples only meeting each other on the day of their wedding.  In some places there is a slightly modern twist on this tradition as both families set a date before the wedding for the prospective bride and groom to meet and talk.  Weddings taking place in the cities, specifically in Kathmandu, include more love matches but arranged marriages still reign supreme in the country.

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Nepali weddings are so lush and vibrant.  From the clothes to the ceremonies to the food, the Essential Nepali Wedding Guide will explore the variety of traditions and cultures present in a Nepali wedding.

Since there are so many tribes and groups in Nepal, each with their own take on the typical marriage proceedings, it's impossible for us to fit each and every detail into this guide.  If you have any questions or would like to see a more detailed guide on one Nepali group, please let us know!

So, without further ado, onwards and upwards to Nepali Wedding Engagements!