The Essential Guide to Sikh Weddings: Groom's Attire

2015 Jun 23 - by dulhan
While the Sikh bride receives the honor of serving as a symbol of mankind's journey to connect with God through her married life, the groom also dresses elegantly to match the carefully prepared wedding arrangements.


From A Modern Sikh Wedding

A Sikh groom either wears a churidar with kameez (loose) trousers or a Western suit. Many modern grooms opt to wear an elaborate Mughal-style sherwani or kurta instead.


From Pindi & Prateek's Wedding

All Sikh grooms must have their heads covered by a turban for the religious part of the marriage ceremony. Covering their hair is a sign of utmost respect to the gods, and this practice is upheld regularly by some Sikhs and in all cases where a Guru Granth Sahib book is present (such as in a temple).


From Nitu & Jessie's Wedding

A sehra is a headdress with dangling garlands that cover the face of the groom. The top of the ornament may be made with velvet or other extravagant material and be decorated with intricate embroidered designs. Often,  white flowers such as daisies or jasmines are used for the garlands, but white beads can be used as well. Decorative rope (often in gold or shiny colors)  may also be added to the overall design.


As per his responsibility to protect his wife and family from harm in his new role as head of the household, the Sikh groom carries a sword, krijpan, on his wedding day. The sword is worn on a belt, to the side of his waist. Many grooms opt to use fake swords or knives instead to represent the symbolic meaning of this adornment, without risking harm.


Sikh culture believes in the beauty of the body as is, without hair removal. Traditional Sikh attire requires a groom to have grown a beard all his life, especially on his wedding day. Many modern grooms respect this tradition by not shaving a few days before the wedding, but many others do not follow this custom in favor of more contemporary, clean-shaven looks.

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