{2015 Wedding Trends} Overview

December 16, 2014 - by Nadya

2014 saw some of the most gorgeous Desi weddings to ever grace our computer screens. Beautiful brides sashayed, skipped, and sauntered down their aisles in designer dresses and bold colors. Centerpieces sprang up like fountains of joy and taste. Mandaps cascaded down elegantly on couples and their families. 2014 was a good year for weddings.

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There were so many interesting wedding trends that popped up this year we just had to collect them all in one place for you so you could marvel at them too! As well as doing a year-in-review of these fantastic fads we wanted to look forward at 2015 and consider what new trends we'll see.

From fusion festivities to destination dos (I adore alliteration, as you can tell) we'll be casting fortunes for the coming year. This past year was a blur of rustic-y, autumn goodness with classic mason jars and tulle everywhere. I'm thinking 2015, by contrast, is going to be a panoply of sleek modernism - simple and somber palettes in jewel tones with bursts of color.

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As well, we saw dozens of destination weddings in gorgeous tropical landscapes and a bit off the beaten path. We're definitely going to see more of this next year with couples exploring more untouched global Edens to host their celebrations.

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We'll be focusing on the wedding cakes, bridal fashion, jewelry, mandaps, henna, stationery, and general decor (with some bonuses). Stay tuned for our trendcast and come hang out on the pulse of the wedding zeitgeist with us.

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