{2015 Wedding Trends} Jewelry

2015 Jan 23 - by dulhan
You've read all the Indian wedding trend forecasts for  Bridal Fashion, Henna, MandapsWedding Cakes, and Decorations right? Good, because today is all about the bling bling.

Probably the only thing more important than the dress on the wedding day is the jewelry. The jewelry is what gets passed on, it's what the relatives pool to buy, and it's the only thing that shines as bright as your perfectly manicured smile in photos.  I may be laying on the cheese, but seriously the jewelry is definitely vital to the whole bridal look.

Following in the classing up of bridal fashion, jewelry in 2015 is going to take on a decidedly traditional and simpler style.  We'll be seeing a lot more culture borrowing across borders as well as new metals and old designs.

1. Chunky Panjabi Chokers

Photo courtesy of Tanishq

Straight from the jewelry overlords themselves, Tanishq is coming out with a series of chunky chokers for 2015's brides.  And though the website puts them in the 'Panjabi Bride' section, you and I both know that that's no barrier to real style.

Big chokers like the one above elongate the neck and add a bit of grace to even the clumsiest of brides.

2. Stacking Wedding Rings

Rings can be purchased at Artmer 

Customarily the engagement ring is the flashy one and the wedding ring is a simple band that matches the groom's.  Brides then wear both their engagement and wedding rings for as long as they remain married.  So like stacking wedding rings was a thing and it's definitely coming back.

Also, how cute are these interlocking rings? I would trip over myself to pick up rings that already match (and both have diamonds).

3. Jhoomer, or Pakistani Maang Tikka

The Pakistani-style maang tikka, also know as a baal tikka, is the beautiful chandelier hairpiece that is arranged off-center.  It's always is a little askew but worn alone or combined with a center-part maang tikka, the Pakistani maang tikka is always on point.

These lovely traditional pieces, like the above from Tarun Tahiliani, are making a big showing in 2015 and we saw them walk the runway at BMW India Bridal Week.

4. Stacked Pendants

Photo courtesy of Tanishq

You may be tempted to pair one large pendant necklace with a few simple string ones or thin gold chokers. Don't.  Combining big bold pendants, like Tanishq did above with its Marwadi bride, creates beautiful layers, color palettes, and still remains hyper traditional. Regal Mughal.

This look isn't for everyone, though.  Only the brave of heart and strong of neck can pass through these style gates.

5. Haath Phool

Photo courtesy of Shevan J Photography via The Crimson Bride's wedding

These beautiful pieces, like the one above from Outhouse Jewelry, feature a large bangle with a connect ring.  They create beautiful lines along the bride's wrists, making them look dainty and elegant.  Combined with mehndi and the look is nothing short of superb.

The best thing about this jewelry item is that brides and guests can both wear it.  It'll go well with party dresses in future and has such exuberance and quirkiness it becomes an instant statement piece.

6. Pachchikam

 Photo via Ayesha & Keval's Post-Wedding Shoot

TBZ Jewellers is all about pachchikam, that pretty silver and stone style of jewelry, this year.  All the necklaces in their current collection is pure silver and diamond ice.  The trick to pachchikam is that the piece isn't weighed down by heavy stones or overwrought engraving, rather it focuses all the attention the bride by giving her a simple metallic glow.

As you can see, pachchikam never wears the bride, the bride is always in charge.  2015's brides, with their classing up and overall wedding undressing, are going to fall in love with pachchikam.

7. Rose Gold and Copper Rings

Rings can be purchased at In Our Star

The wedding rings of this coming year are gonna make a 180 among jewelry trends - rather than depend on old tradition or search out classic styles, they'll be embracing new metals like rosey golds and coppers.

Of course they won't be completely off the beaten track (you want your wedding ring to be timeless, obviously) but they'll be pushing the envelope on what's considered traditional and antique.

The wedding jewelry trends of 2015 will definitely be reconsidering tradition and often remixing traditions of other cultures and communities into the general style.  It should be an interesting year of cross-border exchange and bold fashion.