Spring Wedding Inspiration from {Lakme Fashion Week 2014}

April 1, 2014 - by Nadya

Lakme Fashion Week was full of bright sunny dress and peachy tones this year, perfectly in time for all the beautiful Spring weddings that are popping up around us.

I've picked only a small assortment of my top designer picks from Lakme for Spring wedding inspiration.  For more, click through the links and pictures to see the full collections.

1) Faint Flora

Since florals for Spring aren't exactly groundbreaking, here are some dresses that are subtle chic and careful with their creepers.

To start, Anju Modi gave us a collection completely inspired by gardens!  The flowers here are almost tucked away along the skirt hem. They wrap around the blouse delicately without overwhelming the textile.  Plus the soft mix of light golds and orangey-reds in this dress would look stunning as a wedding color palette.

Anju Modi Lakme Fashion Week16 width=

Take cues from Manish Malhotra's gorgeous embroidery - the simple shoulder patch of flowers accents the look without disrupting the muted pale of this outfit.

Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week 2014-48 width=

2) Green Scene

Green may be a bit tricky, even to the adventurous bride, but rest assured it is more than doable.  Light greens can look so fresh on Desi brides while dark greens work well with classic reds and blues.

Anushree Reddy did green so well in her collection.  This pretty empire-wasited anarkali features three different greens in three different textiles, all working fabulously together.  The gold detail on the blouse and metallic border along the skirt hem bring out the subtle shades even more.

Anushree Reddy Lakme Fashion Week6 width=

Abdul Halder also featured a lovely green dress in his collection.  Some how he made fluorescent look ethereal.

Abdul Halder | Lakme Fashion Week 2014-25 width=

 3) Prints Princess

This is more for the guests (sorry brides).  For the next Spring wedding you have to go to, how about shelving that dated and over-used salvar kameez for something a bit more inspired?  Bold prints will make you stand out in the crowd (even more than your dance moves).

Check out Manish Malhotra's gorgeous floral lehnga.  I love love love this print with its antique colors.  The unusual pleated blouse is to die for.  Combined with that scarf and the big floral print, this model looks like she's off to the Royal Wedding (thank god she left her fascinator at home).

Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week 2014-53 width=

 Purvi Doshi also sent out a pretty print in her collection.  If a top-to-toe print isn't your style, maybe some huge patterned bell-bottoms would fit you better?  I think this outfit is timeless and chic.  It even comes complete with sparkly peacocks.

Day3 244 width=

 4) Sheer and Simple

Now we, as devoted Bollywood fans, all know that there is nothing more chic than a sheer sari (especially one set against the snowy Alps).  Spring might be the perfect time to bust out your sheer - it's not too warm and it'll let in the odd breeze.  Then again, if you're located in a chillier climate, maybe try some of these looks that only flirt with the idea of sheer.

Manish Malhotra this season was all about the faux-sheer.  He sent down nude numbers one after the other with gorgeous lace appliques, all giving the impression of light and fluffy sheer without leaving his models shivering on the runway.

Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week 2014-42 width=

Tarun Tahiliani, innovative as always, crafted this gorgeous separates set, which features a pants and solid top attached to a sheer skirt plus a lace jacket.  Our East Coast readers will be happy to know that this Spring season is all about pretty layers.  Also, aren't those pant cuffs absolutely perfect?!

Monica & Karishma | Lakme Fashion Week 2014 0682 width=

5) Pink Paradise

Pink has always been on trend for Desi brides.  It offers a sweet halfway point between the classic red and the white wedding dress.  Pink softens the whole wedding palette and makes it so much more feminine and happy.  Some of the designers from Lakme must've known this because they sent out some drop-dead gorgeous pink dresses.

I can't stop talking about Krésha Bajaj's new collection for her brand Koësch.  From Sushmita Sen in a beaded catsuit to this beautiful pink chooridar, were there any un-dropped jaws left in the room? For guests, definitely consider embellished chooridars and for brides, beaded capelets may actually be the only accessory you've been missing.

KoeschBajaj width=

 Jyotsna Tiwari's stunning modern sari checks all the bubbles - modest yet sexy, blinged out, and oh my gosh so flattering.  What more could you want from a sari?  I vote this look for all brides for all Spring wedding receptions - it'll keep you and your in-laws happy.

Jyotsna Tiwari | Lakme Fashion Week 2014-8 width=

Spring Challenge: Yellow

I say this with some apprehension - yellow is hard to do, even in a non-wedding setting.  It can wash you out, overwhelm you, or otherwise look sort of putrid.  BUT so many designers delivered ravishing yellow outfits, it may be worth a shot.  And hey, if you can pull it off, you  may be the first Desi bride to ever do so.  You'd be making history.

Manish Malhotra created a dress that would probably stop traffic.  Esha Gupta looks statuesque in this column of yellow.  The textured blouse, lace waist, and sheer midriff all look so beautifully subtle.  I think the gray racing stripe down the side might be a bit much, but I think this dress is proof enough that yellow would look amazing on a Desi bride.

Manish Malhotra at Lakme Fashion Week 2014-34 width=

Abdul Halder's separates set looks like the sun - I want to stare at it but it might blind me.  Orangey-yellow is definitely the way to go to underplay the yellow, like the top does for the skirt.  So if you can't stand the idea of wearing highlighter yellow, try something closer to a mango sorbet-y hue.

Abdul Halder | Lakme Fashion Week 2014-27 width=

I think that about covers it for Lakme's Spring wedding inspiration. If you or someone you know has met the Spring challenge, let us know (pics or it didn't happen!).

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