Fifty Shades of Red {Wedding Inspiration}

2015 Feb 1 - by dulhan
The much-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie is coming out February 14th, and while we understand that the movie isn't actually about 50 different hues between black and white, the BFIW wants to give appreciation to all the ranges of beautiful colors out there. From bold reds to subtle peaches, we'll be sharing 50 images of wedding inspiration in the themed color to celebrate the release of the steamy movie.

Red is a powerful color to start off the series - especially since it's a common, traditional choice for South Asian brides to wear. But the eye-catching, flattering color isn't just limited to shimmery lehengas! Here are 50 different red wedding decorations, dresses, and designs to awe at:

 Zardozi Embroidered Bridal Lehenga, by Tarun Tahiliani

Red Roses in a Bouquet, photo by Vek Photography

Maroon Accents on a White Sherwani, photo by Mandev Sidhu Photography

Inspiration for Red Bridesmaids Dresses, from India International Jewelry Week 2014

Bright Red Lips and Jewels, from Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers Collection 2014

Crimson Red, Black, and Gold Lehenga, by Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor

Regal Red Saree, from JJ Valaya's 2013 Collection

Scarlet Dupatta Wedding Cake Topper, photo by Zignat Abisubhan

Mehendi Decor on Place Cards, photo by Vek Photography

Shaded Bangle Arrangement, photo by Jeff Kolodny Photography

Jadau Necklace with Red and Green Stones, from Tanishq

Red Roses Cake Decorations, photo by AzulOx Photography

Red Floral Garlands, photo by Alders Photography

Rose and Twine Mandap, photo by 4Eyes Photography

Bright Red Eyeshadow, from Chandrika & Rahul's Rajasthani Wedding

Crimson Peony Bouquet, photo by Sean Carr Photography

Carnation Floral Decor, photo by Hopkins Studios

Bridal Bangles and Manicure, from Aman's Bridal Mehndi

Scarlet Sash, photo by M2 Photography

Crimson Velvet Lehenga, from Ritu Kumar's Panchvastra Collection

Royal Red Entrance, photo by Kangan Films 

Maroon Table Spread, photo by Alders Photography

Crimson Floral Cake, photo by Irfan Younas and Irfan Ahson

Red Carpet, photo by Candace Jeffery Photography

Firetruck Red Lipstick, photo by Simmy Ahluwalia

Hued Red Headpieces, photo by Shandro Photo

Scattered Red Rose Petals, photo by Mandev Sidhu

Crimson Peony Accents, photo by Sean Carr Photography

Regal Red Turban, photo by Joe Dantone Photography

Ruby Red Engagement Dress, photo by Jacqui Cole Photography

Red Floral Headband, photo by Steve Cowell

Pomegranate Fruit Display, photo by Lavender and Twine

Crimson Accented Table Setting, photo by Mint Photography

Rose Boutonnieres, photo by Patrick Moyer Photography

Newlywed Chairs in Light Red Plaid, photo by Anthem Photography and Maria Lamb

Strawberry-Topped Naked Cake, photo by Redeemed Photography

Ombre Red Cocktail, photo by Kate Holstein Photography

Red-Soled Flats, photo by Jennifer Skog

Southern Belle Cocktail, photo by Bamber Photography; Recipe here

Cinderella-Themed Louboutins, by Christian Louboutin

Red Carnation Accents at a Tea Party Bridal Shower, photo by Nerida McMurray

Minimalist Red Place Setting, photo by Aaron Delesie

Classic Dark Red Mehndi, photo by Candace Jeffery

Striped Shoes with Cherry Red Accents, photo by Megan Chase Photography

Red Floral Hairstyles, photo by Larsson Photography

Matching Red Bridal Party Shoes, photo by Lindsay Docherty Photography

Hues of Red Bouquet, photo by Julie Cate

Heart-Shaped Balloons, photo by Christine Farah Photography

Bright Red Bridesmaids Dresses, photo by Red Box Pictures

Red Bowtie and Boutonniere, photo by Candice Benjamin Photography

Check back for more colors in our "Fifty Shades" series!